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I might want to give you some warnings about me, cause I can be a bit random at some points. But, yeah i'm a people person, & I can get along with almost anyone, but I do have my limits.^_^
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Tuesday, September 9, 2008

So far So good...
Helo Fellow Otaku's, It's time for "my lunch break posting!" Hmm... That didn't sound right. Uhh, "Hitsu's Lunch post hour?" Huh... Well you know hwhat people, I suck at naming events so let's leave it at this. "It's my lunch break & I have 20 minutes to post & comment!" There that sounds normal enough, I think... ^_^' Well So far Customer service isn't to bad, I've been helping nice people out, I haven't run into any jerks yet. (I hope it stays like that) Everythings seems to be going well so far, But I still got 4 more hours hours of work so i'll just have to wait & see...

Time for me to head out of here, Oh yeah! It's good to hear that your feeling better Azak! ^_^

I wish wonderful days for everyone & I'll see you guys later!

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Monday, September 8, 2008

Wonderful Monday? O_o
Well how was everyone's weekend? Fantastic? Nothing out of the ordinary? Boring? Or just the same thing as every other weekend, you trying to take over the world? Well if it isn't any of those, then I don't know what to say except I hope it was better than mine. ^_^

Not that my was bad or anything... Well Enough of the confusing talk. (well for me anyway) and on to my weekend report while I still have time to write it!

Well saturday was some what the usual except for the major fever that just happened to drop kick me in the face, it was a good thing I was off that day. But I felt horrible only because of the fact that when I get sick, I can't sleep. At All! I don't know why but I just can't get any sleep, *sigh* such a pain, so instead of laying down doing nothing, I desidede to help mom out with some "End Summer Festival" she was doing for the elementry school she worked at... As sick as I was I had fun organizing the activities & helping to set up the rides they had, Although I backed away from the tall slide they had, I can't stand those for some reason.
Well as soon as the fever came it lefted, so I had no problems going to work on the next day. (Another Night shift) But this time I stayed ther till about 3 in the mourning cause my friend didn't show cause of some family issues and I volunteered to handle his work since he couldn't make. I'm sure he would of done the same for me... I hope...>_> But I just happen to be talking to the manager that night & he offer me to try out customer service for a day... hmmm what to do? Stay in the back & handle the boxes, or go to the front a help customers find electronics that their looking for? So Yeah I decided to start customer service tomorrow, you test my people skills and all that fun stuff.

Well thats enough of my boring rant so now I'll be off. So I hope Everyone's day will be fantastic!

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Friday, September 5, 2008

Been A While
Whew, I haven't been on otaku for almost a year, or was it a year? Well anyways, I'm not sure if anyones going to respond to this or anything like that, cause I have been keeping up to date with anything as of late.

Well all I can do is try to get in touch with everyone. Well I finally got enough spare time to start posting again, with all the moving around, & working, & (sigh) college...>_> MAn After all the jobs I went through I thought I might end up working at a fast food place, which was a definite HELL NO in my book. So now I work at Best Buy for now until I'm done paying for school.

But I'm not going to start nagging on my boring what nots & all that stuff. So I hope to see you guys around, & have a not so boring day!^_^

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