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I doubt many people will even look at this, but...eh.
What to say, what to say~ well i am 17 years old, i am male, as you may of guessed... as it says it under Gender to the left of this....
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Thursday, September 21, 2006

Hey all~
Hey all,
Hope you are all doing good.
Sorry i haven't posted for a while i have been busy, college, people staying at my house etc.
Well not much to say today, it's my 18th birthday tomorrow~
Hopefully i shall have a good weekend, we shall see, Me and Cooney are headin up to London on Saturday which should be good.
Take Care all!

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Sunday, September 10, 2006

Hey everyone,
How are you all?
What have you been up too?
Well what to say~ This week i started College, and it has been pretty cool so far everyone seems really nice.
I am still in the same class as Day and Cooney, YAY! More crazy fun.

I have been reading D Gray Man, Air Gear and Black Cat lately~ they are all very cool.
I haven't been watching much only "Welcome to the NHK" and "Higurashi" they are both great, i am not sure if anyone will license Higurashi though, XD

Well not much to say only Day stayed on Thursday night, Coo couldn't stay this weekend so i cried in the corner and asked Terry to come round because i was bored, and yeah that was quite fun...

Well take care all!
~Hitsugaya Roxas~

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Thursday, August 31, 2006

A New Post...Finally
Hello everyone~

Sorry i haven't posted for ages, how have you all been? have you been up to much?
Well i haven't been doing too much, i went up to London a few weeks back to a friends party, and brought Manga, and random little things that will be no use to me O___o ah well, i brought my friend volume 1 of Death Note for her birthday and she loved it, she has now brought every volume that is out of it~ I nearly got mugged in London, some guy stopped and looked at my wallet and then walked, then stopped and looked then went on the phone and kept looking back O___O Scariness~ XD

Since i came back from London, i have had Cuu-chan stay over like always, and i have also been seeing other friends from my old school which was nice~

Anyway i am now saving for London Expo, i don't really know why as theres not much there, but eh we shall see =P
I also need to get my cosplay sorted... even though i really don't want to cosplay i am being made too T___T

Anyway today, i shall be doing NOTHING, I will chill out maybe play some .Hack//Mutation, or Xenosaga episode II, and read some Manga or something, And of course Cooney is coming to stay tomorrow, YAY! =D

Anyway i hope you are all well!
Take Care
~Hitsugaya Roxas~
(>^_^)> <(^_^<)

Also heres a video~
enjoy XD

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