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Thursday, March 10, 2005

   Its the pointless post!
Well, I'm glad you all liked yesterday's post... I encourage you all to go to that link, its great!!!
In other news... Today in Spanish class.. we watched Jumanji, in Spanish... O.o; And the other day we watched Dr. Suess in Spanish...And today in Computer skills, the teacher made us type this paper... with the monitor off!!! O.O >.>; I made sooo many mistakes.. I made like 11 mistakes with 75 words in one minutes...

Oh, and I must question you all for my laziness to look it up...
The blonde hott doctor guy on Amazing Nurse Nanako: I've heard his voice before, but can't for the life of me remember where... It's bothering me...Man! It's gonna bug me all night >_<
And in other news... I have the cell phone!! Mua ha ha ha! I dunno why I said that... but yeah.. I'm just weird like that.
And in my hopefully last topic of blabber, my ex girlfriend Sam, who I believed to not be going out with Jordan, I think she is again... I walked into school today and she was with him walking around, so I looked the other way and kept walking...When she is with him she doesn't ever look at me... It really makes me feel like shit, but hey! I am shit, ne?

Omg... I might know who the guys voice is... Nope... I was wrong... damn...
Well.. if anyone knows please tell me what other character he plays the voice of...

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