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I have chosen to use this outdated Myotaku blog as my hidden, underground page for anything and everything important.
There is something you must know first.
I believe in conspiracy, and it's going on everywhere.
This will be the place where I will plan my counterattack, using art as my weapon against the evil, mind-controlling man who threatens to manipulate us all.
Join me.

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Thursday, November 19, 2009

rock solid
opening my eyes to realism.
I'm finishing my poetry book I am dedicating to my beloved girlfriend Ashley, I miss her so much. R.I.P.

After that is done, I'm going back to the old Zack, which is the person who studies manga and draws robots. I miss that.
Lately I've been burying myself in so many projects, I can't keep up, so I'm cutting down, and just focusing on a smaller amount of things, so that way I can actually complete my work.
Take care people.

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