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Konnichiwa! Watashi wa Hiru (Hil) des~~ Dozo ureshku ne! Minna-san ogenki deska? Watashi wa Anime fansu desho!

Heheh, I want to learn Japanese language very much!! Nippon wa suki des~~~

I wish I go to Japan… and then…… MEET ALL MY FAVOURITE MANGAKA AND SEIYUU!!!!!!!!!!!!! Then my fav J-pop and j-rock artist.... hahaha I know that will not gonna happen to me……sad…… let it just become my dream.

But the truth is, my dream is to go to ANIME WORLD!!!! There I can meet all of my kareshi~~~ hahaha (in your dream Hiru!)im just a childish at heart (nodding myself agreeing)

Anime wa sekai ichiban desu!!!! To all people who see my site, I want to say “Arigato Gozaimasu!” And also to those who see my fanart and comment it, “Domo Arigato Na!”

Minna-san wa gambatte ne! Keep on drawing and you will improve! I guarantee it’ll work.

wew its been a while since i came back from my laziness thanks for my work i don't have time to draw anymore T_T huhu