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Friday, June 30, 2006

Place & Time: Wisconsin / 11:58 PM
Date: June 30, 2006
Subject: A little bit of EVERy thing!
Wants: Ultra Ble by Utada Hikaru

I love Fruits Basket because it is as sweet as a strawberry at times other times as comical at the night show but most of all a drama and romance that is very deep and beautiful.
Ms. Wicci

I don't know want to talk about it for my life because I don't have one...sign.. So I think i will talk about want did happen to be lately even if it is about nothing! ^^ Okay I've been friends with a Chinese Girl for all the School year but she had to go back to China. So I asked her if I could be her Penpal. So we are and she frist emailed me last night and its so cute because shes bad at english so she talk in a very cute manner. So may think it is not cute or think I'm strange but I think it's very cute. And She seems very haapy to be back and I'm hapopy for her! Yes I think she is very cute but also a very nice friend!

The Mulan Theme

I hope that you all like the theme even if it is not a anime but a Disney Movie! I love it so much! Oh, did ya' know it's the 36th animeted Disney Movie Made!!! :-) Well anywho i made myself new button to link me so if any one want to update their linking button for me they can do so. Also if anyone wants me to make their button I can do that also. Hmm.. I had some fun with the buttons and this theme! ^^

The Myo Help Site front

Hmm.. I did not work on that much this week but I believe it will get do very so so I' hope you will be able to wait because It will be a treat and there will even besome MyO layouts that I willl put up on there!


I So WANT TO buy Ultra BLUE from Utada Hikarubecause I love the songs, Be my Last, Dareka ni Negai ga Kadaukoro, Keep Tyinf, and Blue!!! I think I have to buy it!!!!


Guess what Sesslover and others are going to a anime thingy and meating other peoples from Myo! I wish that I could come! But then again I don't live in Cali... But most of all I wish I could meat all of ya that I'm friends with! I wish I could go hug ya all and show you not just friends on the web but very nice REAL friends! If only all of the MyO peoples lived in Cali and then we could all see deach other. That would be sweet a MyO meating with all the MyO incrazed Peoples! :D
Hmm.. I been working on my story and now Ifm starting to quote it (looks around and yells I do to have a life) (yea right!) Any way my quote from it for this post is from Ikegiri Shori gThe shadows make the light more clear.h

The Kanji of the Day

Meanings: mountain, Great Deal
Sound: yama, san
Used in Japanese Surnames:Yamamoto, Hayama, Yamaha, Matsuyama, Kitayama, Yama and Takayama

Hirokou (日朗光) OUT!
Later MyOtakuians
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