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hello to all of u that visit my site. i am hinatazakuro. there might not be much on this page because i am still learning so u might want to be wait for a little while. if u like to see how i draw go to inuyasha and look for a pic of sessy and rin with of course my mane under it. i hope u enjoy my art. right now i am working on pics to put in for tmm(tokyo mew mew if u do not know what tmm means). well i hope to get to be a manga artist when i get older and alos get to go to tokyo, japan. if u have any art requests for me please let me know so i can to get started on it.well i hope that u enjoy my site please sign my gb(guestbook).have fun.^_^

Friday, January 18, 2008

can someone help me plz? i am having manga studio problems. when i type for what the characters says i get this box is there a way to delete that?
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Tuesday, January 1, 2008

hey pplz i just wanted to wish u a happy new year!!!!
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Monday, December 24, 2007

hey again
hey i srry if u liked one of my mangas but i had to delete it i am going to put it bak once i fix sometihings on it so don't worry it is not gone forever. ^_~
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   hey pplz!!!!
hey pplz how ya been me not so good. well i got good news and i got bad news. i am going to start off with the good news so that u can understand the bad news. well the good news is that i made waterpolo for my school and i am a starter player which is good and my position is the sprinter. their job is to get to the ball first like in basketball when the game starts their is the jumper person well i lay that position in waterpolo. anyways we played three games before this injury came along. and this is the bad news. well i got hurt during practice and i couldn't play in the game that was two days away cause i tore my calf muscle. T_T well i am walking better now and my leg still hurt when i do some things but i am doing good over all. so if i don't talk to u guys before 2morrow well i just hope u have a great christmas.^_^.

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Monday, September 10, 2007

YAY! b-day today!!!!!!!!
yay!!!! today is my b-day!!!! and also my friends too!!!!!! yay!!!!! bells where is she i guess she is not on today but that is my friend bells who has the same b-day as me!!!! yay!!!!!! srry going to go random in ust a sec. chocolate! cheese! strawberries! chocolate! kitty! doggy! yay!!! i am just so happy!!!!!! ^_^!!!
hinata or alice

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Monday, September 3, 2007

srry i have not been on i have been buzy but here i am. just leting u pplz know that i posted new pics and that i have been working on family secters and all i have to do is color and submit so i am going to get to hat some tim soon. well i think hat is it. see ya.
hinata or alice

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