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I'm Katie, I want to start using this site more. I want to get back to how things used to be, minus a couple things. I'm going to try my hardest to be the happiest I can at all times. I'm going to fake a smile if I have to.

Monday, January 31, 2011

New year, new life. Feels great.
I haven't updated lately. I went back and read my post from December. It's weird how much things have changed in the past month. In December I figured me and Taylor would stay seperated like normal and me and Brittany would go about wasting gas every weekend.

I dreaded the day I turned 18 for ages. Even on my birthday I didn't realize how much of a pivotal moment it was. I remember I gave Taylor a ride to his dad's after exams and I ended up staying with him. Then Caleb came over and soon Chaysten, Crystal, and Paige did too. We planned a New Years party that I, at first, figured I wouldn't be attending. They added me to the list though. I spent the entire winter break at Taylor's, something I haven't done in a long time. Ever since then I've spent only one weekend at home.

I haven't talked to Brittany since December, except for that one time Mr. Birkhead needed me to take pictures for him for the yearbook. I'm pretty glad. My life is better without her. We never did anything but go to the mall.

I work at Ruby Tuesday now. I work most of the week. I don't get paid that much so I'm trying to Serve instead of Food Running.

Taylor mentioned something to me about getting my own house so everyone could just go there on the weekend. I really want a house now, haha. I want a Ford Flex too. I've fallen in love with SUVs ever since Lee let me drive the Yukon around.

I've also decided not to do the internship at VoTech. I've got too much on my hand already.

I've lost 5 pounds! I don't know how. I think it's because I'm up running around at work and not eating. I'm 130 now.

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