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Hey everyone!I am a crazy fan of Rurouni Kenshin like many other users in this community. I'm still developing as an artist and am discovering new media's, so bare with me!:) Ever since finishing the Rurouni series I have discovered many other enjoyable Anime/Manga.So don't feel that my user name restricts me to only enjoying Rurouni Kenshin. I also love lots of other animes such as Gundam Wing, Escaflowne, Saikano, Inu Yasha and Neon Genisis just to name a few!

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Saturday, July 24, 2004

   Leaving the Otaku
Well everyone I'm leaving the Otaku. I love this site and the layout and everythings great, but there are still things about this community that dissapoint me.:( You can see that my activity on this site has been slow and I haven't posted in a long time. However, before I leave I think I will leave some final thoughts. For on thing, I truly think it would be best if Adam does away with the Rating system. It causes to much competition and makes people oversee why we are all here in the frst place. Not to get the highest rating, but to enjoy all aspects of art and improve with poeple who share our interest. What is the point of voting on art when alot people just vote yes becasue it is that particular series or character? I wish I, and others would develope a habit of leaving comments that actaully help that artist improve. A comment that is actually some form of constructive critsism. Not just, "O I love_______!_____Rocks!"(Fill in the blank)!I'm sure you see this everywhere.Don't get me wrong I know not everyone does this, but alot do. I know its not just this community either, even DevArt has these problems.I hope in the furture this problem will decrease.
I will be deleting all my submited art ASAP. I'll visit once in awhile to check up on the growth of the Otaku as well as the art work. But I will no longer be updating or submitting art.
Bye Bye Everyone!

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Wednesday, July 7, 2004

Anime Expo 2004

Whoo HOO! I'm going to Anime Expo in Toronto this summer! Sadly for me though, this is my first  Anime Con. I'm probably behind in lots of the Anime "delicacies" compared to some of you. Me and my friend is flying up to Toronto and staying for the Expo weekend. Its during my B-day too! I'm so excited. I wish I had the opportunity like some of you guys to have several cons come around your city every once in awhile. O well. Someone want to tell me what's its like? What things I should look for first? Should I come as early as possible? Or the things  I should watch out for? I don't want to be such a newbie that I dunt know some kind of "world wide anime con rule" or something. haha...

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Friday, July 2, 2004


Saikano © Shin Takahashi


Anime-Began airing in Japan in July 2002 and is still running today!

Well everyone summer time has rolled around once more. Well, where I live anyways. Unfortunately, I don't have anything planed except for Ringette camp. My best buddies have gone on vacation to various exciting places and left me here. HongKong, Vietnam, Vancouver, Thailand...Danm them all! T_T Anyways, I've been shopping for some nice markers. I'm trying to choose between:

Prisma Markers or Tria Pantones

They're both quite expensive though and I've already spent a ton on art supplies this year. At Micheals Prisma's are selling:

12 for ~$60

24 for ~$140

48 for ~$299 (They also have a 40% off coupon every week. So deduct 40% from those prices.)

As for the Tria markers, another local art store sells different set of 12 for about 82$. I'm going to try and save some money for one of these. I've noticed alot of people use the Tria ones. But other then the size lengths difference and the expensive price, how are they any different from the Prisma's?  I not only live in Canada but also a small city. Its so difficult to find a bargain down here. We only have two art supplies stores here and I feel the prices are absolutely jacked...but I don't know : ( Its just so expensive and I don't want to waste my money if I'm not paying a fair price. 

***I'm also  fixing up my site a bit to make  so hang tight.***

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Sunday, June 27, 2004

   Popularity rank 500!

.:You live your life: ~innocently~:.
You see the world in black and white but color
surrounds your heart. Happiness is your escape
and a smile is always brightening your face..
one that feels sometimes tough to keep up. You
are plain sweet and just be careful.. dreams
are easily shattered.

How do you live your life? (with pics! ^.~)
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Apathy, well I can say your lucky, in some ways.
You see Apathy is no emotion, basically you
don't care. But that does not make you a bad
person. Some of my friends are apathetic and I
love them, but it wouldn't hurt to care a
little more. Trust me life hurts, most people
who are apathetic do it cause they were hurt.
But don't worry, life is pain, its also
pleasure. Good luck. (please vote)

What Emotion Dominates you?
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Saturday, June 26, 2004

   My Acount is messed up!
ARG.My acount is getting really messed up. I know Adam has been fixing problems around the Otaku lately and I'm not sure if he noticed this and haven't got around to it or somthing yet. But my Account on the submit art menu, it does not show the art I have submited. It only shows one of them and on the comments option. It says I have 76 comments, when I only have 5. This is quite inconvient since I am not able to delete my previous art works or even see them.Although, I know they are still there because I can still view them in the normal window. I tried to email Adam about this but unfortunatly fer me, hotmail was screwing over too. I'm not sure if the email sent or not. I got pretty frustrated and clicked the send button about 10 times...If it actually worked then Adam will be getting quite alot of emails from me...haha. Well I hope this is fixed soon.

P.S I am also moving my quizes aruond a bit so stay tuned.:)
You are Christmas...

-| What holiday do you represent ? |-
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You represent... naivete.
You represent... naivete.
So innocent and trusting... you can be very shy at
times, but it's only because you're not sure
how to act. You give off that "I need to
be protected vibe." Remember that not all
people are good. Being too trusting will get
you easily hurt.

What feeling do you represent?
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Your eye color is dark blue. You rely on your logic
solely, and may have more mature interests than
many of your friends and family your age. You
can sometimes also be interverted and lonely
from a lack of understanding with people, and
can be rather frustrated with some types of
folke. Some may describe you as cold and
distant, and you are honest with how you feel
about things.

What Color Eyes Should You Have? ( With Anime Pictures ^-^ )
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Hmmm..freedom.Iguess thats quite right...^__^Maybe leaving my house once in awhile without a alarm going off would be even nicer.:)
FREEDOM... your soul wants to be unbound...

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