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I love comments on my wallpapers! (they're in the 'portfolio' in case you just stumbled here,)

-pokes obvious hint about the comments thing-


Friday, April 13, 2007

   hey n_n
I haven't exactly been on and off...I've been on everyday o.O

guess I got addicted to reading people's comments on my works XD also the comments posted in my guestbook. I just love reading about what other people think n_n

I'm not much of a people person so if you want to talk to me or if you want me to talk to you, you message first since I'm too lazy to be the one to start a convo... n_n

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Monday, April 9, 2007

   I'm back
well, sort of...though school's out and it's been summer here for at least a month, there's still a story of mine waiting to be typed...

I've been making wallpapers on and off this summer...so I may submit on and off too...

I hope you like the hunter x hunter ones! They're mainly about killua, that's why I'm hoping you'd love it as much as I love making and looking at it endlessly!

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Thursday, February 15, 2007

   be right back...
I may become inactive for a while... I've got some things I need to do first so I may not update as frequently... ^^;
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Tuesday, February 6, 2007

In case anyone hasn't noticed, I took down my Roxas wallpaper. The one with the Sanctuary background. Hopefully, my replacement for that would be approved.

I took it down 'coz someone (I don't know if that person wants to be known so, I'm not saying a name,) told me that I used a fanart. Apparently, the one where Roxas is arching his back was drawn by a DA (deviantArt) member.

I'm really sorry and I honestly didn't know it was a fanart. And thanks to the person who told me it was a fanart XD

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Monday, January 29, 2007

*note to self...and others
*why doesn't anyone comment much anymore?

-pokes obvious hint-

please? I generally have no life and find uh...something or another when reading comments about my works.

you could also request you know, (see post below)

plus, so you know I acted on your request, I add your username in the tags. Aren't I weird? yes, I am... but who cares? You could search for your name in the box thing where you look for tags/words/whatever/etc. and actually see a result! yay!

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