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hi every one
I love all of you!!I'm not too good at photoshop but I draw my fanart carefully!I really love final fantasy VII!
Cloud and Aerith so petty!
Sephiroth so so strong!I love Sephiroth!Yes...I love him...And I like Sephiroth love Aerith(If Cloud love Tifa!)
Well....Tifa is a stupid girl!!!!!!!!!!!!!She never think about what happen to veryone before she do something!!!!!!!1
Now you can see....I draw many fanarts for final fantasy.....Yeah...That is all I can do for this game!I want to do more but I can't because I'm a student!I have not much time for the game and for this job!!
Do you are the same like me?
I love Sephiroth so much!He is my firt love....
Let's draw more fanart for final fantasy!!!!!!!!!
Hellsing is a great manga, too! I like Alucard x Integra so much! yah!

Thursday, January 17, 2008

   My own website!!!
Hi friends!!! I have an own website now!!!
Here is my my website:
Come and sent me a commet ya!!!

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Thursday, December 27, 2007

   xmas tree
___________________”Ł __________________”Ł”Ł _________________”Ł”Ł”Ł ________________”ŁHello,¢„¢¾` _______________”ŁI Have....¢„¢¾` ______________”ŁCome Here¢„¢¾` _____________”ŁTo Wish You ¢„¢¾` ____________”ŁMerry Christmas¢„¢¾` ___________”ŁAnd Also, A Happy¢„¢¾` __________”ŁNew Year To You For¢„¢¾` _________”Ł2008... I Hope The New ¢„¢¾` ________”ŁYear Brings You Loads Of ¢„¢¾` _______”ŁHappiness And Good Health. ¢„¢¾` _____”ŁI Hope You Have A Nice Day On ¢„¢¾` ____”ŁChristmas Day, Filled With Lots Of ¢„¢¾` ___”ŁFamily Time.....And Of Course Eating ¢„¢¾` __”ŁLots Of Nice Foods, And Candies. I Hope¢„¢¾` _”ŁThat Santa Is Good To You As Well And He¢„¢¾` .”ŁBrings You lots Of Presents On Christmas Day¢„¢¾`
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Thursday, December 13, 2007

For snow

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Tuesday, December 4, 2007

   Xmas card
Hello my friends!!!If anyone of you want to have a Xmas card from me, please sent a messenger tome or give me a commet! Don't forget tell me what Xmas card you want and your e-mail.
This is type of my Xmas cards:
1_ Sephiroth, Zack, Cloud,Aerith, Seras, Pip, Integra, Alucard
2_ Aerith& Sephiroth
3_ Aerith & Cloud
4_ Aerith & Zax
5_ Integra & Alucard
If you want another type of Xmas card, please tell me...I will try my best! Thanks!

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Sunday, October 14, 2007

   My fan movie for Hellsing.

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