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Tuesday, October 7, 2008

   Code Geass = EPIC WIN!

God! When are the CG episodes going to resume their airing on Adult Swim?
I would download the episodes with their way cooler original seiyuus but, it would take forever. So again I say: Start airing those new episodes AS. You're making us (the fans who haven't watched R2 yet) very apprehensive.
They had to leave the episode when Lelouch pretty much steals the Gawain. I absolutely love that Knightmare. For now, at least. It freaking flies...

(Coolest Knightmare EVER!)

*Note to self: Got to write an epic failed essay on how awesome mechanics are in CG*

Anyways, even if this is not related to anime, yesterdays episode of Gossip Girl was good. A re-run but, still awesome. I am officially infatuated with Chace Crawford. The boy is the incarnation of sexiness. It doesn't do bad that he looks like Light Yagami~ ;) I pretty much melt when he comes on screen. He is without a doubt the more manly version of Zac Efron.

What else...? Oh! My dad got a telescope today! I saw the craters of the moon. (*_*) I know. I could have searched for pictures on the internet and find about 1000+ photos of it but, it is still way more fun to do it for real.

I have to continue reading this amazing and totally kick-ass L/Light fic~ Toddles~ :D

Hikari Youzen

P.S. I'm excited for Halloween this year~~

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Sunday, September 28, 2008

   She is bringing sexy back, or not

Going back on my posts, even my recent ones, I can't help but have a 'wtf' expression on my face.
The overused smilies, bad grammar, the fangirl terms and the emo-ness of it all is downright embarrassing.

I can honestly say that from my last post on 2007, I have grown. And even though, it was different from the ones of 2005 it still didn't feel right. I was actually going trough a tough situation at the time but now, I'm back and a whole lot stronger. :-)

I can't believe that I registered on this site back when I was still a junior high student. Now, I'm a senior in high school, about to take university entrance exams. It feels weird to have posts where I jump from crazy-fangirl to a more serious person. I'm glad I changed.

Though, there are a lot of things that still describe me from back then. Love anime, lazy as ever, a tad not confident, etc...

I guess I will be using this journal for anime-reviews, recommendations and other things related to anime/manga as I have my own personal journal (that nobody reads~ xD).

Hikari Youzen

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Monday, January 8, 2007

   Dia de Reyes

So I got 3 more days until school starts again. I'm not looking forward to it. Gosh, this year I have not felt once eager to go to school. It's annoying XD. And I haven't been concentrating all that well either. Which brings me to being ubberly depressed -_-;;;;

But I'll do my best this year again! Less time on the computer and more studying. ^o^ My grades until now are all A's but I want to feel better with myself about them. For some reason...XD

Anyways, today I downloaded Kime-Hime's (Kimeru XD) The Beginning. It's so cute! =3 Kime has such a great voice. I have some of his others albums but I hadn't been able to find this one ^^;;;; I especially like the song Decide ~first fate~. I love them all. His songs are ones of the few I never get tired of. Neh Kime-Hime FOREVER! XD

It took a while to downloaded but it did!!! I'm happy!

This entry goes by the title of 'Día de Reyes'. Translated to King's Day or more precisly Wise Man. So umm...for those who don't know, it's a holiday celebrated here. Sort of like christmas. You get presents too. ^.~

I didn't get much because for christmas my present was an 80GB Video I-Pod. But I still got KK2. The game rocks. And Roxas ;____; Gosh he's cool. Now, I'm stuck in some part, that I most defenetly pass before thursday >-< I hope.... o.O;;;

Neh nothing else to say, I'm glad I'm back here at this site. I'll probably have some e-cards and wallpapers up soon. My old ones suck!!! xp

Hikari Youzen

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Friday, January 5, 2007

   Back to MyOtaku
Hi. It's been a while but I finally managed to update here on Myotaku.

I honestly can say that I grown up from what I use to be. A loud squealing otaku. ^-^ The posts I had made on this site embarrass me to death. Can't believe how obnoxious I used to be. ^^;;;;

I'm still a fan girl. No doubt about it. But with some control.

Well not much left to say. Just letting you all know I'm ALIVE. I go around the net as Hime Ai-Chan or Kiori-Kiki. And what's been of me on this...how long has it been? O.o
Anyways, I've been graphic desinging a lot. Mostly icons. =D

Thanks for reading and hope you will read some more updates soon.

Hikari Youzen

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Thursday, May 25, 2006

Hiya all. What's up?
Well I've been freaking busy lately ut fortunely school is OVER!!!!! YES!!!! I'm so happy vacation is here.
My jr. high graduation was today and was really fun. Got to hang out with people I thought were evil!!! >D

But why I'm really is because I'm gonna go on another cruise. YES!!!! I'm so excited.

Anyways my latest obssession is Yuu Shirota, a japanese actor that plays Tezuka Kunimitsu(my favotite anime character) on the Prince of Tennis musical. I'm SO IN LOVE WITH HIM. XDDDDDD

I said that one day I'm going to Japan so I can marry him. lol But the best part is that one of his skills is that he speaks spanish. My official language. Yea I'm happy. XDDDDDD

Well g2g
Hikari Youzen

Cute pic of Yuu below. He's so hotttttt!!!!!

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