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Tuesday, May 9, 2006

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all eyes on me

My name's Charlotte, and I'd just recently joined and uhhhh...I guess that's it, I'm not much of an interesting person. If you would like to ge to know more about me then contact in AIM on everyx3heart/Xsango711X


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Harmonia- Rythem

Thank you sooo much!!! =]

my life

Tuesday, May 9, 2006

Hey peoplez. I'm bored. ^-^

Usually when I'm bored i ask my friend, Fiona, to make a funny face but her faces aren't that funny. So today i started playing with my face, stretching it out in all different places and everything. That's how bored I was/is.

I am also so bored that I am listening to the pokemon first movie soundtrack. Man I remember when I first watched that movie in the theatres. I was like really little and I cried...i think. I don't know but all I know is that I'm listening to the soundtrack. ^-^

Oh yeah, Yesterday I had a science quiz and I was so excited because in a month there will be an anime convention near where I live and I really want to go. The voice of Edward Elric is going to be there and while I was writing my name, I started to write Edward Elric. Smart,huh? lol

That's all for now peoples. I haven't updated on a Tuesday in a while so Seeya later!

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