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Friday, June 13, 2008

Time: 11:11 PM
Mood: Exhausted and frustrated
Music: "Come on Eileen" by Reel Big Fish

Huh, quite an impressive lists of changes going Ďround here with the whole Worlds and all. I honestly do not mind, heck I might even create one [waaaay later, Iím not a patient person :P] just to keep in touch with friends. Half of my friends are over there and I respect that, looks cool anyway. To me, I do not see a big deal. But maybe thatís just me =/

Finals Day 1: Math & English. Check. Two more days of History and Biology and IíM FREEEE! No more overcrowded hallways and stink bombs. Yuueessss :D

Lately, Iíve been a busy bumblebee. Non-academic wise, preparing my sisterís Grad party is stressful. Weíre basically redoing my entire basement bit by bit: arrangement, decorations, heck even colors! We had choose a grey, steel blue, and red[forgot the shade, how embarrassing] scheme. Although I was really disappointed that the red paint did not came too nicely (; _ ;) Tomorrow Iíll help my father to wax the floors. Yipeee! Slipe & Slide XD

Unfortunately, weíll have to cut down a tree in my backyard to make room for the badminton court. Gosh, adding on to that is so much more. Such an extensive list: DJ[Rentsí idea], food preparation, movies, cleaning the house spotless, and more I cannot think of the moment. I totally forgot a friend of mine is a vegetarian, so gotta steer her away from the giant pig >__>

Sisterís graduation party is at June, 22. Friendís Sweet 16 held at June, 27. Somewhere in between is my sisterís graduation ceremony. Ahahahaha, and I only have one dress. Iím such a tomboy =X Speaking of boys, my hair is the length of one. =X

I could babble on and on about god knows what, but Iíll wrap things up. Iím getting an A at Public Speaking [whooaa, surprise, surprise], Iím making this super hard origami cactus, and my little brother is officially taller than me. (ToT)

Holy cheese! Fatherís Day is Sunday. Gaaaah. X_x

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