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Tuesday, March 4, 2008

i am for the moment unable to send messages so sorry x.x try to get me on da or somethin idk.wish version vibrant was workin
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Monday, December 10, 2007

listening to-dave chappelle

hey peoples well my hand isnt as sore like the other day but im still not able to write or draw. so its hard to do school work,in my first few classes i had to write and man it was painfull. i got to my tech ed class and people in the class asked how my hand was.i asked em if they wanted to see.they had said yes and they got grossed out by it,i laughed my ass off.when i saw the hinge that cut me im like 'IM NOT FUCKING TOUCHIN THAT THING AGAIN' but i had to.i got my box nearly dont just got to get a latch on it. well if people need me PM meh

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Friday, December 7, 2007

listenin to-sean paul

hey peoples well my day started out fine and it was ok in tech ed till the end. i went to put my hinge that i have for my box away and it hit the self and pushed back into my hand. i got a 2 inch long cut on my right palm,it bleed sooo much. my teacher rushed me to the nurse and thar nurse got me patched up. but since my right hand it the one i use to draw and write that means no art for quite some time, i know i havent put art up in a while but thats ganna continue for a while. i typed all of this with my left hand and pretty fast to so if anyone want to talk to me PM me kay

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