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My name may be Hieis Dark Kitten, but I am not obsessed with it!

Hi! My name is EJ! You can call me that, or Neko like som people on here do. @_@. It doesn't really matter to me. I prefer EJ though, it;s more fitting! :)

Well, I'm a senior in High school, and I'm about to graduate. I hope to have a career in art in some way. My dream used to be a comic artist, but I think that's reaching a bit. lol. But who knows?! ^-^

:) Enjoy my page!!!

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

   How emo was I?

Pretty freakin emo guys! lol!

Seriously, I read through my old post like when I was in the eighth grade, what was my problem? Gosh XD My life wasn't that bad now that I look back.

Well, I wanted to post to let everyone know that I was at least alive, and no longer emo!! lol I don't hurt myself anymore, I laugh a lot, and I don't do this!!


Yeah! That was the most stupid thing! It's no wonder why I hate lots of dots in messages anymore! :D They're stooped!!

Anyways! I'm still friends with Sakura18, I'm a senior in highschool now, I'm 18, and I'm back!

I may post everyonce in a while here, I don't know. I left for a long time. Deviantart stole me away from here. I remember my popularity rating (they don't do it anymore) was in the top 100 at one point. Lol! XD

Crazy stuff people, crazy stuff.

My art has improved like drastically! If you want to see any of my newer stuff, You're going to have to go to my deviantart! Yeah that's right, lol I don't feel like postiing on here, because I'm pretty fricken lazy like that. lol So here's the link!

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