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I like Killua!

im so touched with this. thanks killua ren, horohoro ren14 and irumi 14. lots of thanks guys fro the concern i really appreciate it ^_^x
Image done by your friends and thats us!

for as you can see the wonderful button above was made by chibicreator!

and this another button is made by killua ren.. thanks ok. its really nice

this is for you hieikillua

Monday, December 6, 2004

simply my favorite characters

well killua zoldick is reallyone of a kind kid. he is simply very charming and very strong and powerful too... i cant ignore the fact that he is simply the best when it comes to hunter x hunter.

ren tao, another of my most favorite character. well i really like his attitude (he is like hiei) and he is very powerful too! well i know the shaman king's creator just gave yoh asakura the chance to be the shaman king since he is the "star" of the show.

miroku...(that pervert houshi?!) well i like him too. not because he is a pervert but because he is really,really cooland his kazaana is also well useful hehe!

i dont seem tolike inu yasha a lot but i find this pic really, really cute dont you?

since i have open about inu yasha, lets not forget my love sesshoumaru. im really very speechless when it comes to him he is simply everything (very handsome and powerful).

hiei... the elder killua he is a pure youkai and he is also a good individual though its not really that obvious hehe. his ensatskokurytha is also amazing and his jagan just make him look more cooler. i really like him and he ranks first in my list.

hiei is so cute in this pic i cant simply let my self ignore it.

and yes seta soujiro the cute guy with a bad past also includes in my list. especially his former life philosophy "the strong shall live and the weak shall die". his fighting techniques are also cool and one of a kind. unfortunately he was manipulated and brought to a darker way of life by shishio makoto. nevertheless he is the only antagonist who loves to smile often though he doesnt have an emotion/s

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Monday, November 22, 2004

   a naruto preview!!


actually i really have a big love for this anime since hatake kakashi is there and sasuke too! the story is so mindblowing just like yoshihiro togashi's anime. arent they so cute in this animated pic? dont you agree?

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Tuesday, October 5, 2004

   not a good day!
well today isnt that good enough. finals is fast approaching and im so pressured because i have to maintain that specific grade! dont you know my classmates are requesting for an outing before the exam and to think they should have it after right? but i really cant blame them maybe they just wanted to feel relax before the exam... but that is not apllicable to me cause i find my self relax after taking or passing the pressure in me.
you guys have irumi pics? pls mail it to me....... thank you

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