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Monday, July 25, 2005

   OMGz K-san lol.
http://www.angelfire.com/anime3/kawaii123/images/images.html GO THERE FOR THESE PICTURES!!!! YOU MUST GO!!!

ooh! he looks deliciously evil!

XD i just wanted to sound like an idiot fangirl for a minute there. Person: WANTED to sound like a fangirl? WANTED?! *chucks rock and knocks person down* yes wanted lol ah i have been hyper all day for a number of reasons. Like i went to Wal Mart and my mom felt super generous and bought me Castle in the Sky, a Hayao Miyazaki film. of course its wonderful like any of his films, and i enjoyed every minute of it^^ and another thing is...K-san^^

yes indeed. Yuki from gravitation used to be my favorite, but then i realized that when i was taking quizzes to get "which guy from gravitation would you marry" i wasnt picking the obvious yuki ones...i was picking the obvious K ones^^ aw and who could blame me? he's adorable!!

OOH! his eye lol

I found out K-san's name (hey! i have only read up to manga 6 of gravitation/never seen the manga) and i think it suits him. Claud (Crawd) Winchester. i like how he can't speak English or Japanese very well XD that's just hilarious to me. and of course his over the top actions are just comical to watch...so...yah. this post, if anyone is going to read, is going to be filled with K pictures! yah!

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