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Wednesday, July 20, 2005

yah. my bird died. well it was more of my mom's bird, ya know? he didnt really like me too much. he was 17 i think it was and today he was sneezing and stuff and then he fell to the bottom of the cage and didnt get back up. my mom cried, but i think that was more because he was my grandma's bird and my grandma's deceased...yeah...alrighty then off that subject.

i passed drivers training!!! we drove through this really big town and i did pretty good! he didnt even really pay attention to me^^ i passed with a B so now i dont have to really worry about anything for awhile. i can just enjoy the rest of my summer break, which is now less than a month T_T ah time flies by...

going to the fair tomorrow to ride the rides. my best friend might be going, she hasnt really cleared it with her parents. usually she doesnt so...i might be looking at going alone....*wseatdrops* or maybe not! who knows? *cheerful*

and now its the best news of all!! i dont remember if i posted this earlier, so if i have just ignore it^^ anyway, my mom felt really bad about not taking me to the mall when she said she would, so she took me the other day, and i HIT THE JACKPOT! my mom, who NEVER (well...ok thats overdoin' it *sweatdrops*) wants to buy me stuff and thinks im wasting my time with anime/manga...bought me Shojo Beat AND 2-6 of Gravitation. thats right. she spent over 60 dollars on me!! *cries tears of joy* ah the shonen-ai! it has hit the spot of my craving lol. im fulfilled now! go, eiri yuki-san!!! *waves flag*

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