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Monday, October 15, 2007

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Hello. 8D

Yay, Its October.
My favorite month!
Because of Halloween of course people! xD
Meh, my friends are.. forcing me to come trick or treating with them, it should be interesting to say the least.
Oh yeah and on the 25th me and my two friends, Amanda and Amanda (XD lol) are going to Pennslyvania to go to this Haunted thingy. >< It looks scary.

But besides that.. nothing interesting is really going to happen. My days have consisted of homework... watching goosebumps ( :D Hoorrah! ) and.. mindless bloody games on my beloved Nintendo 64 <3 , which i dont have a memory card to so there is really no point to keep beating them? But it amuses me so.

Hmm.. i also have some more open houses for highschools to go to this week, what joy! Watching the people blab on for an hour about "oh this program is better than that highschools~!"
But at least the tours they take you on are fun :D

Hmm.. oh yeah its just also the most lovely time of the year!
-note the sarcasm- ITS SCIENCE FAIR!? Oh yay......cant wait.

Oh yesh, before I forget I have a question for you all...

Xbox360 or Wii?
I personally cant decide...
-wants one of them for Christmas-

Well, have a nice week!