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Sunday, November 4, 2007

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this stupid theme took me forever ._. it looks.. odd
~!But yay for Miyavi

?So, how is your sunday going
T T i have homework, as usual

I had fun at the haunted house thing, i'll talk about it
"i s'pose :D
When we got there, we were all walking to the ticket counter,and people these with chainsaws attacked ;; X;; We .didnt even go to the attractions yet! GEEZ
I cryed, It was upsetting! < <"" I was scared and wanted to .go home
!!!But, after we went into the stuff it was fun :D

And Halloween was fun too :D I went trick-or-treating with .my friends, Amanda, Alona, and Josh
Woohhh! CANDEHS i gots lots :B

OMG BTW i saw, Saw 4! OH YES
And today i am seeing The Nightmare Before Christmas in 3-D! WOOT
And YAY My soccer team won the Championships. FEAR THE COOL METALS

!Well have a nice day


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