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Saturday, September 29, 2007


How is your weekend so far? o o mine has been pretty Good! ^^

Hmm... nothing much has really happen, but my soccer team is undefeated :DDD!
How exciting! lol.
But this moring we tied, BUT THE REF WERE UNFAIR! Apparently they were friends with the other coach.. sounds a little sketchy to me. Btw, i know you love the new Reita theme! XD

Oh yeahh, and today my friend is coming over so we can finish our spanish project, ITS HOUSE BUILDING TIME! This should be interesting. OH OH! XD Apparently in Guatemala they.. have.. NIGHT CLUBS! rofl xD""""

...OH YAH! We just got our interims, well.. our um grade sheet crap, I have A's and B's PHEW! xD I was scared about math... i just failed a test in it xD CURSE YOU ALGEBRA TWO!
@ @ Everyone has been so busy lately... ._. And my mom wont shut it about Applying for highschools, grades, homework, and what career are you going to do next year( i have no freakin clue!! ) and all this crappish junk, SHE DOESNT STOP! >_<
Oh yeah.. sorry i havent been getting to peoples sites, IVE BEEN LAZY

xD Well have a nice weekend!


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