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Friday, November 10, 2006

OMG! I actually updated. Sorry folks. I've been swamped with homework. So this post is a laugh at hiei-chan post.
So I was checking my e-mails and my friend sent me one that says

Look real close and find three things wrong in the picture
So I use the link and BAM!!!!! I totally jumped. Click on the link. Happy very late Halloween everyone btw.

Now for laugh at the ditz #2. I was in chem class (I really like chemistry btw) and we're doing this reaction thingy between rust and magnesium. Mrs. Hastings (thats the teacher btw)lit this fuse and there was this wooosh and ohhhh and ahhhh reaction. It was cool. Then she's like "OK class go ahead and look at the products" So I'm like "Cool!" I totally forget that I'm standing behind this little jutting up piece of concrete and I trip and face plant. Wabam!! Yeah. I know. I am a complete klutz. ^.^ Not so bad though. All I did was scrape my knee.
Well. No school today or yesterday. wooooot! Today though my whole family went on an outing ! ... to the eye doctor. Curse you genetics. (for those of you who don't already know. I am blind without my contacts...well, not blind blind, but my visions not good. And the bad vision runs in the family.) So I spent a lot of the day at the eye doctor.
Oh yeah I fixed the ribbon on my pointe shoes. ^.^ In the middle of class one of them came off and I'm just like damn that sucks. so I fixed it this morning.
I went to the mall today too. I got the stage makeup I needed for my first xmas performance of the year. Company's performing at enderlee center. yay!! It's kinda weird thinking about christmas when we haven't even had thanksgiving yet.
oi (I've used oi a lot today...) this is a long post. It'll probably be a while efore I get to sign on again so ttfn

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Thursday, September 28, 2006

   four day weekend
NO SCHOOL!!!!! >_< yeeeeessssssss!!! ha ha ha I can finally get some sleep. I'll try and get to peoples sites. ttfn (wow that was a short post) but I gotta go. I have to get to dance.
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