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Konnichiwa! I am Kyoko! This site is for Hide! I am sorry but I need to make on for him! I probably be on this one alot more than my others besides my XxDirEnGreyxX666 site. But Pleasae Enjoy your stay here and Please enjoy our beloved Hide!


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Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Current mOod: In love
CUrrent song: Exorist
Current Artist: The Candy Spooky Theater

Konnichiwa everyone! How are you all today? I am great! ^.^ I am so bored. Gah! I am in class and just updating. I got an amazing 8 comments yesterday. I was really shocked. I am glad some people are still on MyOtaku.

So I am think about a new site layout...I don't know what...I am trying to think...Pshycho le Cemu...MUCC...or D'espairs Ray. Gah! So hard to choose. I've been thinking about it for a while....hmm...*thinks* I'm not sure. When I decide though you all will know because It'll be up! XD

Today's sleep late Wednesday...That means that school doesn't start until 9:00 A.M. instead of 8:30. I used to love it but Not now...because I don't get to spend it with Chastity because of her 7:30 A.M. class. But I do get to spend 30 minutes with her before she goes to class...so I guess that's a plus. I love Chastity soo very much. She made me a Gravitation picture and told me that she loves me and That I belong with her. She calls me her Lil' Shuichi! *smiles* Awww! I love her!!! I call her my smexy Eiri! I love her!!! I LOVE CHASTITY!! Gah! She means soo much to me. I don't want to ever loose her.

Anyways...I was looking at Japanese Street styles and I want to dress like them. I swear I had to be Japanese in my past life! *smile* I feel a connection to Japan you know!

Well that's all I have to say for today! Ttyl


Kyoko N Chastity


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