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Thursday, December 21, 2006


on the last day 'till Winter break Drew, Zack, and I skipped school and hung out at my house.
I let Zack play my demo of American McGee's Alice
[very demented yay!] since I couldn't really play it.
Then after playing DOA2 and beating Zack.
We watched Aqua Teens Hunger Force
We agreed Zack was SHAKE
Drew was I guess Frylock?
Shalise was MEATWAD
Then we took Cinder and Sparkle [Drew's dogs] for a walk.
Cindy was sooo cute
I hugged her afterwards for a Loooong time.
That was pretty much the whole day.

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Saturday, November 25, 2006

Boku Wa Kuma~!

I haven't typed in forever!
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"Hm, wow Utada's new song. I should put it up somewh--Ah! I forgot MyO!"

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Nothing much has really happened. I've began my "obsession" with Utada san again. I should join her pillow club! She loves her pillow and how soft it is and calls it Makura san (Mr. Pillow) I might do that considering how much I love my pillow. (*squeezes pillow tightly*)How has everyone been? If you comment I will read. I went to Fuji for Land Navigation. It was fun especially the Navigating part I was the Paceman.

"Ok, now you follow me down."

"But, it's a steep drop." (.__.)

"Don't worry."

"Ok then..." *falls down with a thud*

Three seconds later Courtney came falling down after me. (T_T)

We ended up finding all 5 points! We did get lost about 2 times though. One point was right in front of us! I know! You ask 'How could you miss it Jessica?!' Well, we just did somehow. We passed it about a good 3 times before realizing it was right in front of us the whole time! The other point we had gotten lost on was because our map was off by a few degrees. To be honest it was our very second point so for around twenty minutes we just sat on a rode and ate our MREs which were pretty satisfying.

It's most likely decided that I will be leaving Japan in 1 year.
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Mommy I don't want to go the US!
I hope somehow we can stay longer here. If we do though, all my friends will be leaving me behind. *sigh* Well, there is a new layout and a new song on my page. I'll find a better icon later, ne? *Hugs Makura san* Now I must take my leave and take a shower...*mumble mumble*

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Tuesday, September 5, 2006

Darn you Zack and Teijo

First I will say "RAWR DARN YOU [Zack & Teijo] TWO >=( !!!!" because they signed me up for something I'm sure I can't handle -___-. If you know about this thing called JROTC since it's almost everywhere in schools (doing army stuff yadda yadda) they have things you can sign up for if you want to do more and Zack signed me up for Color Gaurd (carry and learn ceremonies with the guns and flags). Just when I thought I was safe after erasing my name Teijo comes back up and adds it. I admitt I could've have erased it but I was slow and second of all after that I had to pass out booklets. This week I'm appointed class leader so if someone goofs off after I tell them not to I have pushups to do I dont know weather I like that or not. Today was fun goofed off at the BX and Library with Drew, Shalise, and Zack nothing much really happened besides that.
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