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Sound of Life from Trigun *runs off to eat doughnut*
Hi, it's really not much, but hey "My web site ser su web site!!!"...PLEASE SING MY GUEST BOOK!!!!!! I'm a HUGE fan of Invader Zim (Curse the stupid human fools who canceled it.. It wasn't violent.. A little stupid, but that's it!!! *Zim screams* "Curse them!!! They shall feel the wrath of Zim, FOR I AM ZIM!!!" Gir squeezes piggy ans yells at the top of his stupid lungs: "I Like TAQUITOS!!!!!!" runs around screaming and falls on floor and says in funny way:"HI floor, make me a sandwich!!!")
PS: HetepKa means "peace soul" in egipcian, I think...
I'm a little obsessed with Bakura.^-^ I think He's soooo Kawaii o_o!!!!!*blush* *faint*

Some conversation with my only friend....
Friend: Do you consider yourself a Bakura fan-girl??
ME: Nop
F: HUH??? you love the guy and don't consider yourself a fan-girl, freaky... o_0
M: No, I don't consider myself a Bakura fan-girl, I consider myself a Bakura addict!! *blushes and nearly falls off chair*

LONG LIVE VASH AND HIS DOUGHNUTS!!! (I wish they showed Trigun here *runs off to sew any TV station for not showing it*)

I just love Ryou ^-^but I still LOVE Bakura!!!
You got Bakura!
Another innoccent lover! You love Bakura's
kindness! His accent makes you all warm and
fuzzy inside, but his split personality kind of
freaks you out.

Who's Your Yu-Gi-Oh Boyfriend!
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and who could forget sexy Malik???

MARRY A YU-GI-OH! CHARACTER BY QUIZ!!! (for boys and girls!)

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I'm now a memeber at Gaia!!! But, I'm still faithfull to the OB!!!! *Makes a banner that reads "Long live the Otakuboards.com!!!!!"*
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Sunday, May 2, 2004

   Aww..morning already?
Well, it's been a while since I've posted something..
Well, todays is Sunday, nice easy going Sunday; I have exam tomorrow, I've got new Yu-gi-oh! and SAber MArionette J and Saber Marionette J to X eisodes, what more can I ask for *Internal squirrel screams: "World domination!!"* Ahem..hehe..well...
I've noticed that they're not accepting my fanart here any more??? Why is that?? I wanna know!!! XD
Well, life's beeen normal these days, even though I seem like, D-E-A-D...I'm gonna scan something, adn submit it, and it will be accepted, oh yes it will!!!!
I did some screencaps of Yu Yu HAkusho, they're really funny, maybe I'll put them in a post soon...I did this one of Kurama, with sucha DUMB face...But, my sis erased it!!! T.T Oh well.. I got more where those came form!!!!

Have a nice, safe, little day!!!!
Heppy "The Cheese Girl" Gonzales


Images courtsesy of some website called KoKora no Naka

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Friday, April 9, 2004

Hello People
Hello people, it's been a while since I posted any entry, well just so you know, I HAVE A HORSE!!!!!!!!! HIS NAME IS CAMILO, HE'S NOT THAT TALL, BUT HE JUMP UP TO ONE METER AND SIXTY CENTIMETERS!!!!!!!!!! (Haven't thje tinniest idea of how that is in feet...)

And man, I have exams the ENTIRE next week!!! I hate teachers!! Always ruining our vacations!! We should be alowed to rest!!!While they have fun in the sun, we have to study and burry our heads int ext books!!! DANM THEM!!!

Since, I'm cristian,a fatihfull follower of My Lord, and Savior, Juses, I will offer a a moment of silence, for today, he sacrificed himself for all humanity, and,....IF YOU DON'T AGREE WITH THIS, FINE BY ME!! BUT DON'T INSULT ME, BOTHER ME, OR MOLEST ME, OR WRITE A VERY MEAN COMMENT OR GB ENTRY!!!........

I excpect to submit more of my art..when I'm done shading it...I'm also gona try to post more at the OB, I'm gonna have a year here, and I'm still a NEWBIE!!!!! *is so ashamed of herself*

Well, I hope to talk to all of you laterz, oh, btw, I have more than 700 visits!!! I wonder why SOOO many people are coming to my site??? Could it be that I'm actually...POPULAR?!? o_0 Well, that may be a mistery, but I hope the people keep on coming!!!

I hope to see all of youz later, I'll tell you how I turned out in these HORRIBLE, FILTHY, BLOODY exams!

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Sunday, March 14, 2004

Well, it's been sometime since I posted something, I just don't find the time!!! >.< I'm always soo bussy!!! By the way, I'm trying a new horse for ridng called "Camilo" He's brown, with a black tail, he's sorta thin, but he jumps HIGH!! and when I mean HIGH I mean HIGH!!! I'm soo happy that I found him!! He could be "the one"!! *victory pose* but, one minor setback, He's not for renting, he's for BUYING!!! *suddenly sad* and, I don't know if my parents are gonna buy him or not..:( such a dilemma, but, if I have to wait for another one, I'll wait!!
Oh..before I forget more quizzes!! Can't live without them!!
You're Most Like Kenshin!!!
gentle caring and very nice,even to those who don't
really deserve it.despite his kind and caring
nature he's an expert in the hiten sword.

What Rurouni Kenshin Character Are You Most Like?
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Talk to you all soon!!
PS: I have now almost 500 visits to my site!! TO conmemorate this, I'm gonna draw chibis!! *goes wacko over random Ryou chibi*
But I know most of you don't like my drawings, Please tell me why!!! :( :S *.* I'll try to make them better if you tell me!!

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Monday, February 23, 2004

Hey,hey,hey ppls!!!! How are ya all?? Hope your all great and fantastic, and what, might you ask, has gotten me in this insanely happy mood?? Well, I didn't have clases today, and I won't have clases tomorrow!!!! I'm soo happy!!!! But I've got a HUGE science test on Thursday, and I haven't studied at all :S, if my folks find out, I'm as good as dead, but hey, I don't care (actually, I do...lol)!!!
I remodelated a bit, changed my avi (avi made by me, I make custom avis, just send me an e-mail with AVI request as the subject)the background (BIG One Piece fan!!!!!!! *hugs Luffy plushie*) and but a pic of Vash, eating doughnuts (I WUV DOUGHNUTS!!!!!) But I still ADORE Malik/Bakura and Ryou, jus thought I should put some other anime's up too...
I've decided to try (notice the word TRY) to draw Malik, Ryou or/and Bakura..but it'll be a LONG time before I can actually complete it....
I've also got a lot of projects in groups, but I've worked on them, so they're all almost done (notice the word ALMOST)
Well, back to studying social studies (Why the hell do I need to know why the people leave the country to look for a better life?? Can I do anything about it?? NO..Does it the world solve a problem?? NO...Is ti usefull to me in any way in real life??? NO IT IS NOT!!!!!)

BTW, check out this quiz, it's reall good *smirks*
Yami Bakura. Ooh, mysterious, hot, and powerful!
Nice combo. Too bad your seen as crazy by most
ppl though . . . *smiles*

Another weird Yu-Gi-Oh! quiz!
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This quiz is also fun :D *thumbs up*
true otaku

(pics) What type of anime otaku are you?[updated 11/17]
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Oooh! Great Job!
You are a *huge* anime fan! You are just like me,
you mainly daydream about anime, sleep and
think about anime, and are a total anime

Anime Addict Quiz, Are You One?
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As if you were born into a world of tears, you
always tend to look at the darker things in
life. Inside you crave attention yet push away
society, and you're a hopeless romantic. Drawn
to things like the occult and mysteries, you
spend your time daydreaming.

What Type of Soul Do You Have ?
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Oh yea...Bakura..baby!!!
Your Yami Bakura's soulmate! Your a special lady!
He will come around and demand of you when ever
he feels like it and will get murderously
jealous at the thought of you hanging around
any guys for too long. He wants a female who is
strong and is intelligent enough to know just
what he wants...and how to give it to him. Your
intuitiveness will help you understand that
love doesn't come easy for him and that he'll
probebly never say it. He will protect you
fiercely for you belong to him. But he will
also shower you with...rough affection and
lavish gifts if given half a chance.

Your yu-gi-oh soulmate is waiting! (Girls only sorry)
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Marik's your ideal guy! He's HOT, even if he's
sometimes blinded by his thirst for revenge.
He's a great Duellist with one heck of a Deck.
He wouldn't be the best boyfriend to go to for
your problems, but he'd protect you from stuff
(I wish i had a better word than stuff ^^').
He's a great guy, even if his Yami's evil!

????? What Yu-Gi-Oh! Guy is Best for You ?????
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Cosmo! Woo Hoo!


What 'Fairly off Parents' Character Are You? *PICS*
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You came from heaven. Your gole in life is to help
others and to make the world a better place.
Some call you weak, but in reality your soul is
very strong. If only more people were like

Where did you come from?
brought to you by Quizilla

Hope to see yall laterz!!!

MY QUIZ!! TAKE IT THOSE WWHO DARE!! Take my Quiz on QuizYourFriends.com!

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Thursday, February 5, 2004

Hey peoples!! Sorry I haven't posted in awhile, been REALLY busy...Well, I'm a little happy today, because, Yu Yu Hakusho is finally in Latin Amercia!!! (Maybe it's not so important to you, but I'm soo happy!!!)Well, besides that, life this week has been bad, I got a C on a test (I cried the whole day, it's that I'm an excelent student, and that's the worst grade I've ever had... T_T)I finally realized I can't ride horses (and I don't have a horse, I have a "dog", as my techer would call him...), and no one has replied to my art thread at the OB (Otakuboards)(I know it's stupid, but I like it when people reply to my treads, I'm stupid, I know...)anyway, Valentine's Day is getting closer, and everyone is hoppin Pedrito or Marco (stupid boys...) brings them flowers or anything like that, but I'm not so dumb, and I'm more interested in the tests that are coming up..They're worth 20 precent of the final grade!!! They matter a lot to me!!!
If you wanna see my thread, it's... Link Text
Hope you have a happy Velentine's Day )(or at least happier than mine!!!)

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