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Monday, January 8, 2007

Here i am again ^^ I'm having a really good time playing soccer. It's my last year of high school, and i'm still a little sad about it, i'll miss playing soccer with my buddies, and making my team proud of me, atleast when i do well ^^ I won't be able to go to a university when i get out of high school, so i'll have to go to a CC first to finish my a-g. My team took 3rd in the Loma Linda Tournament and 4th in the Palm Desert Tournament, Nuview Bridge. We did better than last year, but unfortunately, i've still made some pretty bad mistakes.

That concert for Dir En Grey is February 23, 2007. I'm so glad i got the tickets, i thought they were going to sell out. Is anyone else going? I also just bought Gauze a few days ago, i think Diru's early music is the best they've ever done. If you guys find any US tours by Gackt, please let me know, i really want to see him in concert!


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