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Monday, August 9, 2004

konban wa
hey people, i'm still working on that story but it shouldn't take too long. and the background pic i put up i think just isn't suited for my site, so i'll keep switching until i get the pic i want. in the meantime, i'd like to recite a quote or two,

"sleep all day, party all night, never grow old, never die, it's fun being a vampire." (the Lost Boys) and "great galaxies, if i know my anatomy that leads straight towards the southern exit." ( vegeta-Dragonball Z )

anywho if you like my quotes let me know i got plenty more from inuyasha and Dragonball Z. well bye for now

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Thursday, August 5, 2004

well now i got a lot of stuff on my site, but i still can't figure out how to put pictures with my posts or put a picture on my background, can anyone help me , please?
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hey everyone, this is a poem i wrote i want to know what you think about it okay? please?

I need to taste you
This vampires dying with hunger
So long have I went without a taste
The taste of mortal blood
So warmly it fills me but it quickly turns cold
The night is young the hours seem endless
I hide away in the infinite darkness
I am eager for you to arrive
As I wait the pain is too real
I need to taste you now
Or I will surely die
So passionately I kill, I feed off of the living
But I will save my thirst for you
The cries of the night surround me
Yet I still remain
I can sense you, you are so near
I can smell your blood, almost taste it
I am aware of what you dread
And Iím coming for you
As I penetrate your flesh
I love every drop, savoring every drink
So easily I forget how passionate the feed is to me
So I drink and watch you pale
You are quickly weakening, as I suck your life away
Your breath is slowing down
Your heart is slowly dying
You take one last scratch at my hands
But it does no good
Because you are dead now you see
Dead just like me
I kill to live and it is your misfortune
Now I am satisfied, now I can rest
The dawn is coming, I must be off now
Back to the dark corridor of whence I came
Back to that coffin of sorrow and torment
Until the sun sets again
And the world is shrouded in darkness
Where I shall remain for all of eternity

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so you guys really did like my story? that is so cool!! as excited as i am i'm still at a halt in my thinking on what to write next. it's so hard writing a fan fiction. anyway i finally got a good pic up, do you like it? and i put up some cool music up, tell me if you know what it's from, it might be a challenge or it might not. but thank you people who commented and signed my gb, it means a lot in my little world. well thanks,

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okay, i hope you guys who read this don't get mad at me, and just for purposes of my own, i love sesshoumaru but it's so funny to make fun of him!!
Disclaimer: hello again, thank you all for reviewing, it means so much to me when I know someone likes what I write. Also as you all know I do not own inuyasha, it all belongs to Rumiko Takahashi. Thanks, now lets get on with the story.


Jaken: my lord how can you deny your gay, what about all those precious things we did together?

Sesshoumaru: I donít know what your talking about.

Jaken: *___* my lord how can you have forgotten about all those picnics we went on?

Sesshoumaru: NOOOOOO!!!!

Kagome: eww! Bad visions are filling my head!

Sango: ahhhhh! Itís sickening, say no more!

Inuyasha: now thatís just sick!

Miroku: ooh, what happened next?

All: O_O

Miroku: what? I wanna know what happened.

Sango: are you sure your not gay also miroku?

Inuyasha: yeah, Iíve always had my suspicions about you.

Sango: like there was this time when I went to see miroku at his house, and I saw him wearing a speedo and there was this guy running out the back.

Miroku: hey I told you we were having swimming practice.

Kagome: yeah sure like thatís believable.

Inuyasha: what did the guy look like sango?

Sango: well, I think he was wearing a baboon suit.

Kagome: it has to be Naraku.

Sesshoumaru: oh I know naraku, heís really nice, we spent a lot of time frolicking in the fields.

All: O_O

Inuyasha: you mean naraku is gay too?

Kagome: what the hell, why is everyone turning gay on us?

Sango: oh my god! Miroku, you did it with naraku?!

All: EWWW!!! GROSS!!!

Miroku: I couldnít help myself.

Inuyasha: at least Iím not a homo.

Sango: okay I donít want to hear this anymore, miroku we are so over!

Miroku: *_* NOOOOOOOOO!!!

Kagome: lets just hear about sesshoumaruís girlfriend.

Jaken: what about me and my love affair with my lord?

Inuyasha: Iíll show you how much I care ( pulls out tetsaiga and slashes jaken )

Jaken: @_@ ( is now officially dead )

Sesshoumaru: hey, that was a one-sided love affair, and you know it.

Rin: yeah my lord loves me!

Sesshoumaru: Rin is my new best friend now.

Sango: Iím getting a headache from all this.

Inuyasha: all right if you are truly not a homo, then how come I never saw you with this girlfriend of yours?

Sesshoumaru: well, it didnít last very longÖ

Kagome: oh, why would that be?

Sango: yes, do tell.

Sesshoumaru: well, it was free time in kindegarten, and I was just minding my own business.

Inuyasha: doing what?

Sesshoumaru: drawing flowers of course. ^__^

Rin: was it a pink flower?

Sesshoumaru: yes, a beautiful pink flower.

All: a pink flower!?

Inuyasha: hahaha, a guy drawing flowers! you know how gay that sounds?

Sesshoumaru: youíre mean, you say that everything I do is gay! *_* ( starts crying yet again)

Miroku: inuyasha stop making him cry, or we wonít find out what happened.

Inuyasha: ^___^ itís so funny, itís obvious that heís gay.

Sango: inuyasha you assume too much, thereís nothing wrong with liking to draw flowers.

Kagome: inuyasha if you donít stop making him cry Iíll have to use the sit command on you.

Inuyasha: O_O alright fine, Iíll stop.

Sesshoumaru: ^__^ Iím all better now.

Sango: (whispers to kagome) sesshoumaru acts like a little kid wouldnít you say?

Kagome: (whispers to sango) yeah I know what you mean, kinda scary.

Miroku: what are you girls talking about?

Sango & kagome: nothing!

Sesshoumaru: I drew a pretty flower and this girl liked it so I gave it to her and she kissed me and thatís the end.

Inuyasha: you mean thatís all that happened?

Sesshoumaru: she was my first girlfriend.

Kagome: okayÖ

Miroku: that wasnít very exciting

Sango: I guess sesshoumaru doesnít know the meaning of having a girlfriend.

Inuyasha: you are so stupid sesshoumaru, no wonder you turned gay.

Sesshoumaru: *_* you called me gay againÖ ( he cries yet also again )

Inuyasha: hahahahah!!!

Kagome: inuyasha I warned you, SIT!!

Inuyasha: @_@

Sesshoumaru: hey why are you all calling me gay when all I do is like the color pink and picking flowers?

Kagome: well you do have a pointÖ

Sesshoumaru: yes, maybe you should all stop accusing me and accuse miroku and his little relations with naraku.

Inuyasha: (wakes up) o yeah I forgot all about miroku.

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here it is
Disclaimer:hello again people Iíll try to do a funny chapter for you all that youíll like. I hope you liked my last chapter. Also I donít own inuyasha, itís pretty obvious I donít. so on with the story, yah!

Chapter 2

Kagome: anyways, letís talk about something else.

Shippo: hello guys, what have you been doing?

Sango: nothing much shippo just eating ramen with sess.

Shippo: huh, whatís sess doing here?

Sess: ( mwhahaha! theyíll never realize why Iím really here!) I just wanted to hang out with my brother, isnít that right jaken?

Jaken: why I thought you wanted to steal the tets( sess throughs a rock at jaken) @_@

All except sess: O_o

Sess: jaken doesnít know what heís saying, he probably have a concusion.

Rin: ( rin starts playing with shippoís tail) hey this tail is really fluffy!

Shippo: <_< hey stop touching my tail!

Rin: your tail isnít as fluffy as sesshoumaruís thoughÖ

Sess: thatís right, I have the fluffiest tail in the world.

All except sess: O_O

Inuyasha: ( wakes up) hey you may have a fluffier tail, but I have the better sword!

Sess: you do not, my sword the tokijin is better!

Inuyasha: is not!

Sess: is too!

Inuyasha: is not!!

Sess: is too!!

Kagome: stop fighting!

Inuyasha: is not!!!

Sess: is too!!!

Miroku: I believe you will have to force them to stop kagome.

Inuyasha: is not!!!!

Sess: is too!!!!

Sango: yes, please do


Inuyasha: @_@

Sess: hahaha, you have to obey a woman!

Shippo: anyways, this is pretty weird. Hey ramen, my favorite. ( starts chowing down ramen)

Miroku: so kagome, what were we going to do after lunch?

Kagome: well, we can have some kind of contest.

Sango: what kind of contest should we have?

Rin: I know, letís have a hair contest, sesshoumaru has the softest and longest hair.

All: O_O

Sess: ( sess tries to hide embarrasment ) yeah thatís true.

Kagome: okay I guess we can see who has the best hair.

Inuyasha: oh, thatís something I can beat you at

Miroku: okay so thereís no point in me entering, my hair barely fits in a pony tail.

Sango: so very true.

Miroku: so the contestants are sess, inuyasha, kagome, sango, and rin.

Sess: alright lets get started, I shampoo and condition my hair everyday and use the best hair products. Iím sure to win!

Miroku: alright, me and shippo will be the judges.

Inuyasha: my hairís better than yours, who can resist nice white hair like mine?

Kagome: inuyasha, I hate to say it but your white hair makes you look old.

Inuyasha: what, how can you say that, no it doesnít!

All except inuyasha start laughing

Inuyasha: *__* hey stop laughing at me!

Sess: haha, now you know what itís like to get laughed at.

Miroku: inuyasha, youíre such an idiot.

Inuyasha: ( punches miroku and knocks him out ) IíM NOT AN IDIOT!

All stop laughing

Sess: well now that was fun, now we see that inuyasha does not have the hair to win.

Sango: well, I donít think I have the best hair either, it has too much blood from the demons I slayed.

Sess: haha, your hair has blood in it!

Kagome: stop being so mean to everyone or weíll kick you out sess.

Sess: oh sorry, Iíll stop now.

Shippo: (still eating ramen)

Inuyasha: hey shippo you better not be eating my ramen!

Shippo: uh-oh! Better go!

Inuyasha: hey get back here you little thief! Who said you can have ramen anyways?

Shippo: (turns into pink thing and flies away) haha, inuyasha you canít catch me!

Inuyasha: shippo, when I get you Iím going to pound you into the ground.

Rin: hey, thatís pretty pink!

Sess: isnít it rin? Pink is such a beautiful color. ^___^

All: O_O ( they start laughing )

Sess: youíre all mean! *_* ( he startís crying )

Inuyasha: hahaha, another girly thing my brother does. Are you sure youíre not gay?

Sess: Iím not gay, I just like playing with dolls and pink. Is there something wrong with that?

Kagome: well, inuyasha does have a point, that does sound like a homosexual.

Miroku: yeah sess does act kinda weird also.

Sess: IíM NOT GAY!!

Sango: okay youíre not gay, but you do act like youíre gay.

Inuyasha: if youíre not gay than have you ever had a girlfriend?

Sess: of course I have! In kindergarten.

All: hahahaha!!

Rin: whatís a homosexual?

Sess: itís nothing you need to worry about rin.

Inuyasha: youíre too protective sess, you need to let the girl know more about the world.

Kagome: why do you have a little girl traveling with you anyway?

Sess: umm, she wouldnít stop following me.

Jaken: that is not true my lord, you dumped me for her.

All: hahahaha

Inuyasha: I knew it you are a homo, or at least a bisexual.

Sess: ( pummels jaken again ) that is not true what he said. Iím straight.
All: yeah sure you are!!

Disclaimer: hello. People how did you like my story? I hope it wasnít too intimate with the gay thing. I like to make fun of sesshoumaru even though heís my favorite character.
Well, if I can think of anything else to put in next Iíll get writing, but please review, I need to know if people like it or not.

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i'm back
hey i'm back again and i couldn't get any good pictures of sesshoumaru uploaded so i stuck with sephiroth. but thank you all who signed my guestbook and your comments on my fanfic. since so many people liked it, i'll put up the second chapter but to tell you the truth, i think you guys won't like it and might think i'm perverted, but on it goes.
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Wednesday, August 4, 2004

hello again, and thank you sesshtaisho for signing my guestbook. but please willl anyone else ever sign my guestbook? anyway someone please tell me what you think of my fan fiction. gotta go now bye.
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hi this is my story i wrote on inuyasha, if you like it tell me and i'll put up the second chapter
Disclaimer: hello all, shojowindy here and this is my first fan fic ever I
hope you all like it. Also I donít own Inuyasha, it belongs to Rumiko
Takahashi. This story is called the unseen weirdness.

Chapter 1

Sesshomaru was walking around in the feudal area trying to figure out what to do. And with him were Rin and Jaken. (Sesshomaru will be known as sess for the remainder of this fic.)

Sess: Iím so damn bored, the one day that I decide to not be evil and it turns out boring!

Jaken: why my lord, you could go search for your brother Inuyasha, maybe today you can trick him out of the Tetsaiga.

Sess:<hmm... itís tempting I could pretend to be nice than steal the Katana from that hanyou when he least expects it.> Yes lets go find that baka hanyou, Mwhahahahahahahah!!!!!

Rin: O_o my lord why are you laughing evilly so?

Sess: (stops laughing ) oh itís nothing, come we must find that hanyou and his friends.

( Sess and his gang start to search for Inuyasha, so we turn to where InuYasha is)

Inuyasha: come on arenít you ready yet, Iím frigginí hungry!

Kagome: canít you even wait a few minutes?

Inuyasha: no, I want my food now woman!

Kagome: INUYASHA, SIT!!!

Inuyasha: @_@

Miroku & Sango: finally you shut him up.

Kagome: dammit, InuYasha can be so immature sometimes.

Sango: I know what you mean, Miroku has no respect either, heís always trying to grab my ass of course he always gets beaten up for it.

Inuyasha: (finally becomes conscious ) dammit, kagome whyíd you do that ?

Kagome: because you needed it!

Miroku: the foods ready, ooh, it looks delicious!

Inuyasha: oh yeah, itís Ramen time!

( Sess and gang find Inuyasha)

Rin: hello, my lord wanted to see you guys. ^_^

Sango: o_O Sesshomaru, why are you here?

Inuyasha: yeah, why in the hell are you here, youíre not taking my Katana!

Sess: oh thatís all in the past I want to become friends. ( smiles evilly )

Kagome: youíre kinda weird.

Sess: Iím not weird Iím just misunderstood.

All except Sess: <_< ...sure

Sess: so whatís for lunch? Iím real hungry.

Inuyasha: youíre not eating any of my Ramen!

Sango: who made you the Ramen king?

Miroku: I did

All except Miroku: O_o

Sess: okay, I think Iíll just go over here.( sess zooms ten feet away)

Kagome: anyways, lets just eat.

(everyone starts stuffing their faces with ramen and Jaken moves toward the food)

Sango: eww, icky bumpy froggy thing! (she pummels Jaken with her boomerang)

Jaken: @_@

Kagome: why do you travel with a icky bumpy froggy thing anyways?

Sess: Heís only useful for doing low-level work and watching Rin.

Rin: but my lord, donít you play dolls with him? Sess: (_( I do not do such things! ( tries to hide embarrassment )

All except Sess and Rin: BWHAHAHAHA!!!!

( Inuyasha is laughing so hard he spews his ramen all over Miroku)

Miroku: EWW GROSS!


Sess: *_* Stop laughing at me! ( he starts to cry )

(All except Inuyasha stop laughing.)

Kagome: stop laughing Inuyasha!

Inuyasha: I (laugh) canít.

Kagome: Inuyasha, SIT!

Inuyasha: @_@

Sess: ( stops crying) okay Iím fine now. ^____^

All except Sess: O_O

Miroku: (is cleaning off robes)

Hey, this is the end of my first chappy. Sorry itís a cliffhanger but I need an idea on what they should do next and if I should add more characters. Please review my story, anything you comment is fine with me. Until next time.

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