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Hey my names Hero. Im 17 going onto 18 November 22nd. Im average body with wieght approximately around 225. I love to listen to any kind of music mainly Rock and latin hip hop. I like to ride bike talk to ppl on the phone or computer, play video games, play guitar(when I had one), listen sing and dance to music, draw anime and write poems. When it comes down to it I can be the sweetest guy you can ever meet but... Don't push the wrong buttons because there's a 99.99% possability that you're gonna get hurt. I'm the emo punk type guy and I don't like to take crap from no one. I despise DRAMA.... SO don't bring it to me. I am currently going to Vincent High School for my night school classes and no that a good thing. I have a girlfriend who I love to death and I would do anything for her. Yeah she may be a tad younger than me but fuck it idc! She loves me... I'm the type of guy that will talk to you constantly and will be random and stupid as hell if he wants to make you laugh. People who tend to see my pictures see someone im not and I'm serious when I say this do not take me so lightly on anything i'm a great person and I can be an ass too if i need to stick up for myself or the ones I love.

Monday, October 29, 2007

   What... :S
How am I to tell someone to not love me.... But I have a love right now... Then again I love the other as well... I can't have two at once... I love Beti too much to leave her... Me and her we have way too much together to mess it up. Then again I knew the other for longer >.< Ahhh what to do... Please any advice out there?
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Tuesday, October 16, 2007

jeez idk what to do anymore... soon love for me might just die... i never get anything right.... I do the worst mistakes always. Everytime i get close to someone i get hurt or I hurt them.... I dont want hurt her anymore... What if i just sleep for a long time... She won't hurt as much... Maybe it's time i let myself go...
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