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Tuesday, January 3, 2006

i live
yes it seemes that i do, infact, live. granted that i have not been on since forever but there are reasons for this. one, i have no one visiting my site. two, i've started up a site at xanga.com which has taken alot of my time away from here and more people talk to me there than here and three, that life has taken me away from myotaku. i'll try and post more if anyone reads. but if there are no comments then i ant postin'. thank you for your time and try to visit me on my xanga site. lovin' that one a whole lot more than i do this one right now. also my e- mail is heriko89 at yahoo.com also my im is heriko89 so don't be shy. if anyone bothers me or makes rude comments they will be blocked. um.... i think thats it for now so the end and hopin' to see some comments. tuttles.
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Thursday, November 3, 2005

I'm singing in the rain, just singing in the rain, what a glorious feeling i'm happy again!!!!

wow i'm actually happy this week and i can't imagine why. the quarter grades closae friday and i actually have nothing to fear really. i think the lowes grade might be in band with a C or sopmething like tht but otherwise i'm doing really well.

how many of you read harry potter? if you have than the last book has brought up manyy a question ranging from

- is Dumbledore really dead?
- is Harry going to leave shcool?
- is Snape really a bad guy
- where are the rest of the pieces of "he who must not be named's soul?
- will Ginny and Harry find a way to be together?
- what are Ron and Hermoine doing together?

Well i now set a task before you. send me all your thoughts on what you think the answer to these, and as many more quetions as you can think of might be. you imput is greatly appreciated. thanks!! TA

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Monday, October 31, 2005

life in the fast lane
'life in the fast lane
sure to make you loose ur mind
life in the fast lane
everthing all the time....."

man i think thatsong is the best way to describe the past few weeks. all i've been doing is working on keeping up my grades while still trying to juggle my life and finding a real job. god being in high school sucks. i cant wait for all this work to just dissapear. but when one workload goes away another begins. once you get back from babysitting you have to clean the house, once ur done that then you have to do homework then you get hungry and make some food. then you have more dishes to do and homework to finish. then you realize that, after you wash the rest of the dishes done and you have half ur homework done that everyone is sleeping instead of you. so you go to sleep and arive at school only to get more work and having to finish the work you didn't get done the night befor. neverending cycle i'll tell you what. and the sad part is that i know for a fact that people have it alot worse than me. and i would just like to say......... i feeel for you man. i do. JUST REMEMBER TO NOT OVER DO IT. it isn't good for you. literally. well until we meet again!! ta.

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