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Tuesday, August 29, 2006

hey ladies me and garra have a few questons
1.why do girls like garra?(garra:im just hotter then you)
2.why do girls like punk ass sasuke?(garra:its his little girly emo attitude...)
3.why cant tenchi get some?
4.why do girls find the anime guys dude think suck hot?
5.why alucard?!(garra:even i dont know)
6.if i ever see vegeta kissin goku im gonna blow up the artist(garra:thats more a statement)
7.why dont girls play games more often regardless of how sexist the gaming wold seems to be?
8.call me ;D(garra:another statement dumbass me:screw you yalittle prick)
(we start fighting)...........................

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