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Friday, April 13, 2007

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minako ran to the main gate wich was'nt very well guarded since most clans attack from above or behind,a frontal assault with 4 people was unheard of.minako tossed her chain blades past the 2 gate guards it wizzed past their faces causeing them to watch it with a confused look on their faces,minako yanked it back decapitating the hapless guards.
"gates clear now souza-kun im gonna take out the rest of the wall guards too ok?" minako's hyper voice echoed on the groups headsets
"yeah go ahead but dont get caught ok? at least without one of us being there" souza said running up to the gate with katsu.
the 2 samurai ran up the gate wall and vaulted over it, they used their inhuman speed to make it to the base's compound.monoka scaned the area with her well trained eyes.
"souza,katsu dont move 4 guards are coming your way,im taking them out."
she reloaded her custom sniper rifle and fired off 4 rounds almost without aiming.the 4 guards were silenced and had large holes in their heads.
"ok you guys are clear,me and minako will hold off the reinforcements you 2 are gonna draw like always"she said a little irritation was in her voice.
Katsu frowned catching her opinion of their raid methods.
"not our fault we like to fight its a samurai thing you wouldnt get it."
said katsu unhooking his katana from his belt.
"whatever just try to be stealthy this time the tsuchigumo has a very strong leader and his 2 ninja bodyguards are 2 of the best shinobi ive seen"monoka said not to worried for the 2 samurai seeing as how they were natural warriors.
katsu looked to his older brother
"hey can we keep the limiters off this time? i mean this IS the tsuchigumo clans compound,im pretty sure kantemaru has elite guards in his home"
souza looked at him for a bit and grinned.
"sure why not its only right we show him some "respect" right?" said souza.
the limiters on their right arm resembled a metal arm with colored lights streaking along it,souzas red,katsus green,monkas right eye was her limiter it was a dark shade of violet,and minako's was on both arms it was a magenta color.at birth everyone deemed a warrior by the neo shogun Karo Ishida, was given a limiter,to make sure no one out classes him.it didnt take long for monoka to figure out how to shut it off shes smart like that.though the limiters are just machine replacements for the original body part it grows like a normal limb or eye in monokas case.the limiters glow flickered and faded.
the two slashed the doors into the house in 4 pieces reveling another courtyard full of samurai and gunners all looking for blood.
"sorry monoka but we're gonna get loud now" said souza drawing his kwan dao along with katsu getting in his batojutsu stance.
she sighed "whatever just dont die"
"kantemaru i hope your ready to die the hakuryu clan is taking over your base!"souza had always wanted to spout that one.
"yeah all your base are belong to us!"chimed in minako who was on the wall behind the 2 samurai,her blades bloody from dispatching guards.
Kantemaru smiled and turned to walk away his two ninja bodyguards with him a beautiful black haired girl and a black haired guy.souza caught the girls eye she blew a kiss at him jokeingly souza chuckled to himself.kantemaru walked toward his personal house.
"kill them all."

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