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Sunday, April 8, 2007

   next part finnaly!
i changed ranmarus name to souza its easier to type)

souza,katsu,and minako were on the couch in their clans base. the clan they belonged to was the Hakuryu (white dragon clan)they were in harsh competition with the tsuchigumo clan run by Kantemaru,3 other clans exist in neo-edo other then the 2 clans i just mentioned.the red oni clan run by the pirate queen Ayatake Hajime(sesshomaru mistress),the last sorrow clan run by by the tragic samurai Kika Tourakuma, and the Kumaso clan run by the dreadnaught samurai Shuten Hiroku(me as well)these clans fight for dominence of edo each with their own motives.currently the hakuryu clan ran a failed raid on the tsuchigumo clans headquarters monoka is currently yelling at them for the extensive damage the city sustained and injuries she suffered.
"that was the most unsuccessful raid we've ever done! i mean we didnt even get to the compound befor we had to retreat!"monoka wasn't in the best of moods the raid on kantemarus clan was a bust her shooting arm was injured right now as well.
Earlier last night....
3 arrows took out a roving sentry at the tsuchigumo stronghold the sentry didnt even scream mostly due to one arrow slicing his vocal cords and the other 2 went through his lungs.he was pinned to the wall by a long nail from a rail gun to maske the sound of a dead armored body hitting the ground.
"ok souza,katsu,minako begin the assault"

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