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Saturday, March 24, 2007

main hero intros
if you were to walk throughthe lower part of tokyo youd eventually run into our for lack of a better word "heros". 1st theres Ranmaru Hideyasu(me) hes amazingly the leader of his group if you cold call him a leader that is and an amazing spearman.he never unsheathes his katana he uses only his chinese kwan dao and his jeet kun do.next is his best friend Monoka Aoiyuki(purfiying goddess) shes an expert sniper/archer she can peg a flea off a dog 9 blocks away so easily the dog wont notice what happened,shes hot too and not a bitch like some hunnies.And then theres Katsujin Hideyasu (katsujin)ranmaru's little brother. his katana skills are much higher then his older brother.katsu seems almost immortall taking huge amounts of damage like it nothing and then laughs about it.and finnaly Minako Tanaka(angel slayer) she was katsu's chilhood friend and she also a chunin ninja a hyper loud ninja.she made it sport to annoy ranmaru a sport shes good at.but when it boils down to it she is a great ninja shes lethal with her chain blade and shes pretty hot too. these 3 friends are mercenaries who'll do what it takes to get paid unless its a boring job jobs wich they cause alot of collateral damage(only the guys really)this would be their ledgend if it wasnt so damn funny.
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