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Hey everybody whats up? My new theme is Avenged Sevenfold. They are one of my favorite bands. M. Shadows is so hot. I will kill that little bitch Valery aka his fiancee. LOL! Wel I hope you enjoy my site. Please add me as a friend and sign comments. Also feel free to sign my guestbook.

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

you all should check out my myspace. its


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Tuesday, November 20, 2007

what is it? Everyone picks on Brittany day? I was in biology and my friend Russell kept picking on me. He smash my paper in my face and made me mess up on my paper. Then I went to this guy Josue and asked him to give me my stuff. He's just like what if I dont want to. Everyone likes picking on me today. Then Russell moved my binder so I couldn't see it. He made me freak out and then the bell rung so I didn't have time to find it but I did. He likes picking on me a little too much. How are you guys? I have been so bored at school today. I had this thing to go to for GAVC. It was super boring. I'm so excited about getting to go to Univerity of Illinois. I get to go to eat at a all you can eat food place. It will be fun. Well I g2g because i'll get in trouble if i get caught because im at school. TTYL
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Monday, November 19, 2007

What's up? MY FOOTBALL TEAM IS GOING TO STATE! I'm so excited. I get to go to University of Illinois and perform on a big stadium. I can't wait for my 16th birthday december 16th. I won't get my license on time though becuase I still have to get a job to pay for insurance. I have so many problems with high school students its not funny. These girls in my gym class because they think I'm emo but im not. I was at the movie theater with my friends the other night and we were talking about wearing black and this kid walks by and calls us emo sluts. I was so pissed off I wanted to beat him up. Well I g2g before I get in trouble because I'm at school. TTYL
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Thursday, November 1, 2007

Hey how was everyones Halloween? I got to go to my friends party...I got many hugs...I hate that Halloween was on a school night. I LOVE MIKEY WAY! Anyways...This guy Tom gave me a hug...along with a bunch of other people...my friend Maggie like tackled me and hugged me for like 5 minutes well i g2g before I get in trouble for being on the internet at school
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Monday, October 29, 2007

so im sitting here in school being really bored. I want to go home. There is this guy in my bio class I really want to strangle!!!!GRRRR!!!he makes me so mad. How have you all been. Football season is almost over so that means that i'll probably not be doing flags until next year...HOMECOMING ROCKED except for the first one I went to...the fire alarms started to go off so we had to leave the building...like 10 minutes later we went back in. The 2nd one was a lot better...THE NEW A7X CD COMES OUT TOMORROW! I'M SO EXCITED! I really want to get it...well i g2g before i get in trouble
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