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Friday, March 4, 2005

   blah blah blah
So its my day off today. I work four 10 hour shifts. Sunday from 8am-6pm, Mon, Wed, Thurs from 1pm - 11pm. I like my schedule. NO one understands how I can work there for 10 hours a day, but its not that big of a deal (as you can see most of my art is done at work). Im on a special project right now that allows me a lot of freedom, so when I get the work done for the day, I usually have about 4 hours to kick back. For those of you that are wondering, I work at 1-800 CONTACTS. If you wear contact lenses, its a great place to order them. Usually less expensive than the drs. But please...don't order without a prescription. See, thats my job. Making sure that all our customers are ordering what they are supposed to and don't have an expired prescription.
But yeah..yadda yadda yadda.
So I watched my neighbors load two trucks and two trailers completely full of stuff. I think they were only cleaning out their garage though. We live in townhouses, and the garages only fit one car..and barely that. But man..they filled that thing up to the point that their garbage can barely fit. (We get fined if we leave the garbage cans out)
Im sure this is all interesting...but yeah..its great. I think Im going to make another post. yup. Im going to post one of my most graphic nightmares. The one that disturbs me the most.

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