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Monday, May 16, 2005

i have these weird feelings.when i hear someone say "I F***** love you!its just weird.today i found that the "special person"quite adores me cuz i love anime,cuz im asian,cuz i have an cool personality.but he could be lying.you never know.i thought him liking me would be ridiculous.but it isnt.when you find love you look for the personality not there looks.i learned something that i will never forget.well see ya guys l8ter

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Wednesday, May 11, 2005

hi again
hey every..we are hatching eggs in our classroom...i want to name one henery..they are gonna hatch soon..plus i love the name henery amd bob and adam (i love adam brody from o.c.)hehe..I am really weird sometimes.hehe.i love the song perfect by simple plan!and the song true..ha so true in my dreams..anyways how was you guys day today..oh yea my friend is sick today i was all like NOOOOOO!Weres (her last name)i call her bye her last name..Hi Fiona!well bye every1

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Hey guys sorry if i cant go to your sites..i have alot on my mind..plus i went to travel to boredom!argh!anyways sorry dudes and dudettes
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Thursday, May 5, 2005

umm....ok i was jumping on the trapaline or w/e and i fell down reall hard on the trapaline and i twisted my ankle..but i fine..it doesent really hurt but it hurt really badly yesterday and today my gym teacher Mr.gravey(i call him gravey)his wife had there first child his name is Connor Spencer Graves...thats so cool well i will c ya all soon

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