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hii. welcome to my page! the name is linda as you may already know..:P im an asian girl living my life yada yada yada..hmm.. i dont kno what else to say..lol. well enjoy ur visit. <3
Oh, and ill appreciate it if you sign my GB! ^^

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Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Dogdeball is a deadly game.. >_>
One thing before i tell the story..
today i experienced the scariest thing during gym,
it was raining today, so we went in the gym for P.E.
and then my teacher was saying that we were gonnna play dodgeball..>_>
She was gonna split us up with boys and girls on the same team...BUT THIS GIRL WAS LIKE CAN WE PLAY GIRLS VS. BOYS?
so she asked the class.. and all the guys were like.. YEAH!
So yeah...i was practically running around
half of the gym hopelessly.
Well, my friend, Megan, was trying to hide behing me.
actually, im her hero
[the ball hitted me though...at my leg..]
good thing it was soft. haha

yupp..that was the story..
there's a lesson to this..
[You have been told] XD

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Tuesday, January 16, 2007

very sad day ..
So today was a regular school day..
nothing much going on,
but during nutrition, i realized
that my tree [the tree my group hangs out at]
was replaced by a stick with some branches
tied to it.
It didnt even look like a tree anymore! D:
soo sadd..
But yeah...the tree is long gone..
theres a good side to it though. xD
the sun can finally reach us and
keep us all warm. haha.
its pretty cold now so its pretty okay. :)

Random Question:
- Skittles or Starburst? Lol. :DD

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Tuesday, December 12, 2006

urgh.. >.
nothing much going on today except
playing my violin the whole day...
gets very boring..><
so yea..i had a concert today at my school,
and now i gotta go back to school
for another concert!
grrr..and its cold outside! >:O

well, ill talk to you guys later xD

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Saturday, December 9, 2006

OMG! Awesomess Day !
today, was sooo cool!
i had de javu ! o_O
during Pe today, we were playing flag football
against the bestest team! (the undefeatables)
and then, my teammates Oscar was like,
'We're gonna lose automatically'
and so i said it would be a miracle if we
won. :DD
and guess what?
WE WON! w00t!
we dominated them! 12-0!

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Tuesday, December 5, 2006

today :] (tuesday)
award ceremony during advisory class today xD
i got a few awards. hehe
and then.. during nutrition, my friends murdered
my teddy grahams :[
they were like banging on it with their drum
sticks..making beat and all on it..
then when i opened it..bleh
lol. it was funny though.
and after school, my classmate was acting gey. ><
he was going around hugging guys..
and saying.. 'i love you'

thats my day today!^^

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