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Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Hey yeah thats me!!

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Monday, April 3, 2006

   Want to know me!!

Hey hows everyone doing hope you all are happy i wish eveyone happiness!^ ^**

Hey i just noticest i'm one of those ppl thats up for anything man i'm think thats crazy don't u!!LOL!

you know ppl think i'm a girlly girl,i kinda am but i like things like punk i love punk stuff....and i love old day stuff like medaeivl times and alot y'know i mean i never thought i would like those things man am i werid or what!!

Some words about me that i like!

Hopeless Romantic-Pink
Fight Stoper-Green
Good Orient-Orange
Senstive-light blue
Love-Red and Pink
Sorrow -Black

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Poetry's of mine,hope u like it! ; )

Thses are some of my pomes hope yal like it and plzz don't make fun of them its how i feel so be cool aight!!

1.So Pure Yet So Sad!

Girl so pure yet so sad,why do you feel this much blues!?You seek for happiness with such a pure heart yet so sad you always cry,but it does not show,for your heart so pure you always smile,hiding your sorrow.Why do you do so when you are sad?Your heart so pure you can not find happiness,for you are wishing others happiness befor you,so pure yet so sad.

2.So Alone!

A world with so many people but so alone you feel,you want to go so far away,but all you find is people,yet you feel so alone.All the people srounding you,yet so alone you are,your heart is sad,but you do not know why.This life and world is so unfair to you,all you do is pray,cry,and feel sorrow.Wherever you are you will always feel so alone for that you have this sadness and sorrow with in you.

This one i'm about to write now is not mine but i love it and want to share it with yal!

3.I want Happiness!

I want happiness,I seek happiness,to cause your happiness,to be your happiness,take me to a ture elsewhere deliver me,a bird bereft of flight,a bird that can not cry,a bird all by itself.So take me I want happiness,happy just to be with you,happy just to see you smile.So take me to a ture elsewhere,please take me to happiness.My frist thoughts and my last wish a promised land where fairies wait.with room just enough for two,so deliver me,help me to forget the tribulation of day and to stay in this dream of night,where i can be thinking of you forever take me to my bliss.

I love that pome it is so beautful is the best pome i've ever hord and i have hard alot of pomes,that pome was from the manga Clover!And oh this pome it tell every thing about me,i pomise this pome I want happiness all it says if u get what its say you will know me well!!

Bye for now i'll write you all more nexts time!

Hey there everybody heres some more poems of mine!!

4.Darkroom and air

In a darkroom with nothing but air,you feel lonely,heart broken,and nothing to spaer.Wish you were gone from this sad worldly pain.Happiness,pleasure not for you only sadness,sorrow and a darkroom with nothing but air.Take this life you've given me,dare lord for i have nothing but sadness,sorrow,and a darkroom with nothing but air!!

These poems i'm about to write are sort but cute!!

5.My love

My love for you is borting in flams,you are the on my heart admires,and the one whom I desire.

6.Love we share

Rising sun,sleeping moon,the days,the nights,when it rains,when it clears,the sunlight,moonbright,the years,the months,the passing hours,and the ticking minutes,not a moment of dispare have i forgot the love we share.

7.Your to date

Don't know where to go,nor do i know what path to take,just know that i'm your to date.

Hope you enjoy it i'll write some more if yal wish!!^ ^**

Heres more!!

8.Pure Soul

Soul of Peace and Hermony,glowing with kindness and beauty,matters not what life has for you just wait to go to Paridies with the purest you can be.

9.Dark Soul

Soul of Darkness and Pain,shidowed with saddnes and sorrow,matters not what happens to you just waiting for whatever to come with the darkest you can be.

I have more later bye!!

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Friday, March 31, 2006

Hey everyone!!

Now some of yal already know i talk alot right lol!I have alot to say and tell but for some reason i'm slow about saying it,i'm at school right now so i cann't think cuz i'm going to be leave in a while u know so i'll wait to tell yal aight!!I'm so so tired its a friday but i'm sleepy and when i go home i'm not going to be abale to sleep cuz i have babys (little sister) and i have to clean and cook for my punk brothers!!Man for a 14 years old girl i sure do to much i'm like a mom at home cuz my mom goes to work and always saying ur the girl in the house u have to help me i'm ur mother,and shes having another baby so i'll have to take care of 3 babys,one of them is 3 years and the other is 1 years oh well i love them anyways!!^ ^**

Yal want to know what i want to do so much,i want to babysit for the summer,i so want to help my mom on the cash but i need a jod babys love me so i should do that right!!Anyways u know what they say when babys love u it means u have a good heart,i don't belive i have a good heart but if the babys think so i'm greatful!!^ ^**

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Friday, February 24, 2006

   Hey there ppl! ; )

Hey everyone... BlueAngel4 here... I hope you all like the new look for my new friend HeavenlyRose... I hope you like it too buddie...

Well I hope everyone has a good day...

Have a Happy... ^.^

I Hope we can all be friends!!!

Hey ppl BlueAngel14 helped me on this so its her doing if there anything yal want to say like u know that its good just know BlueAngel14 did it!!

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