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Monday, August 14, 2006

Random Poetry
I can't sleep.. I feel rather sick.. I was reading some of my old poetry and I wanted to post them up so everyone can read them... They're pretty dark... I basically only write dark poetry but anyways... Here are a few from a month or two ago.
Fading away into everlasting darkness...
It's more painful than you may think.

When I close my eyes,
I see the images I want to forget.
All of the pain I've endured
That's eating away at my soul.

When I open my eyes,
There is nothing but black.
The darkness is overtaking me.
I wish it all would end.

Maybe fading into the darkness
Won't be so bad
At least then I know
No one can hurt me anymore...
It covers my eyes.
I cannot see
The truth
The light
Fading from me
How can I make the light return,
When my eyes are so clouded?
As the thunder roars,
My tears slowly drop.

The lightning flashes,
I am out of breath.

I can't breathe anymore,
my eyes have stopped seeing.

Can't anyone see my sadness,
Or is my mask truely there?

No one tries to help,
So I have to help myself.

No one is going to save me,
So I have to save myself.


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