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Hello! My name is Trish!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I'm with my best friend MEWMEWLOVER55 and she told me to enter my anime. Hope u like it!! ^__^. Just to warn u, me and rachel r really hyper so don't mind our craziness on my profile

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Sunday, September 10, 2006

Hey guys!!!! So I have a new fanart up for HappyLaughs if you wanna check it out either in my portfolio or tokyo mew mew fan art ^_^ I love comments so it makes me feel good when people check out my art ^_^
So, after two nights of partying....I'm going to a mets game!!! woohoo!!!! METS ARE WINNING BY 16 GAMES!!!...this makes me happy....don't worry...I'm more of a football fan....just wait till football season
I also have insane amounts of homework that I have to do when I get back so....not cool...I'll try to visit as many of u're sites as I can
Woohoo ^_^

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Saturday, September 9, 2006

New theme is Chobits ^_^ Yay Chii!!! ^_^
So the first week of school is finally over and I slept later than I have all year ^_^
Nothing that new is going on
I went to a party last night but it was kinda boring....but i have another one tonight that I'm looking forward to ^_^
I'm gunna get started on drawings again so yea ^_^

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Thursday, September 7, 2006

Hey guys!!! Sorry i didn't get to your sites yesterday....I was uber busy with the first day of school and everything...I"ll try my best to get around to them today....but I do have cheerleading and chamber singers after school....but I'll do the best that I can...
So I realized that I had a few requests for drawing before the summer and I got a few more after the summer
So next I'm gunna draw Mew Cloud For HappyLaughs, who requested it like a million years ago so I'm really really sorry that I'm just getting to it now....
and I might not even get to it right away cuz one of my friends from home asked me for a picture to be finished by next week....so....I'll try to get them both done!!
I am up to like the 90th episode of Inu yasha...but I'm kinda getting bored of it....it seems that all the episodes are the same...they look for Naraku and something goes wrong...
So I started watching an anime that one of my school friends told me about called Honey and Clover....it's kinda weird but really funny....I think Morita-kun is really funny and weird especially....
And it's back to school again today
Hope You all enjoy your day ^_^

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Wednesday, September 6, 2006

Hey Guys!!! Well i'm insanely tired cuz today I had to go back to school...T_T
Wasn't too fun
But at least i have marching band tonight!!!
I have a new syaoran and sakura picture so you can check it out ^_^
And I love comments....

here's a few questions to get back in the swing of things that you can answer:
1. What did you do over the summer?
2. Are you ready for school?
3. What's your favorite color!?!?

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Tuesday, September 5, 2006

I'm Back!!! ^_^
HEY GUYS!!!! WELL....summer is over....T_T
and school is starting...which means it is time to get back into My Otaku Mode ^_^
It's good to be back...though...it doesn't seem that many of my friends stayed with me....do you think I should get a new username for the year?
I have MewmewLover55's request of syaoran and sakura all finished....it only took me like three months...so I'll put that up tomorrow....and I'll begin on my old requests as soon as possible
I hope all is well with all of you ^_^

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