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I'm Mell(aka healer-san as some may call me)

I'm a cute little latina,I love anime,yaoi,and friends:)

I love friends that are honest,kind,funny,and friendly(duh!)I also like it when friends visit often (it makes me feel loved)

I really,really,really love yaoi,you don't have to love yaoi or like it to be my friend,but if someone ever makes fun of me for liking yaoi,you will find yourself with a sign on the back of your head that reads"I have no life so I make fun of little girls" and get butt raped later! m'kay?;D(OH BBY, BBY)

and my trust is hard to gain unless your my very best friend(I have friends but I only trust those who are very kind and not such a suck up)but if you want to be my friend open your eyes and read this:

friend policy

and if you want to ask a request,do an arttrade,collab ect.

art update

well I'm sure you guys are getting annoyed with my chattering^^'
well that's all for



song:South Orange - MINMI

south orange - MINMI

Thursday, May 21, 2009

I think I prefer myO a bit better but I think that's just cuz I like changing the theme!:)
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