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Five points
The star
Witchery and Evil
Destiny, Fate
Death and deception

Five points the star
The pentagram tale
To cheat lie and plunder
To cast a spell

The white glove lays
On the cabinet of oak
Try to remember
The words that he spoke

Distant voices
Whisperings of ghosts
Carry it all Away

ThE pEnTaGrAm
Copyrightę 2005 by HauntedCrimsonCry
All Rights Reserved

Saturday, August 20, 2005


fallen angel of persecution
You are a fallen angel of persecussion. You have
fallen because of your mind becoming
increasingly disturbed and dark. This has
happened because of what you have experienced
in your life. Things that have happened in your
life have been painful and difficult to
tolerate which has left you suffering. Your
soul is slowly decaying as you somehow cannot
escape what's happened. You are beingining (or
you havn't already) to lose hope that things
could get better.

"Life hurts more than death. When you die
the pain is


What type of Fallen Angel are you? [beautiful + dark pics]
brought to you by Quizilla

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I just put up some fanart, and I was about to put up more but then my damn PC froze... T_T Sooooooo I couldn't put all of it up. Please vote for it and leave your comments and stuff!!! ^^ Thanx...
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Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Poem/ battle cry

What's your Battle-Cry?

this quiz was made by Aroihkin of PlanetKulitron

And here is the poem that I promised my friend Arisa-Uo56...

The figure, the shadow
Fleetingly flies
Through alleys abandoned
Past her sins and her lies

Unfolds 'er black wings
Wraps them around her
Distant, despairing
But she is alone because no one cares...

To understand her grief
Would be to pluck the black petals
From the graying stem
Of a once white rose

Because thats all she is now
Grief and Darkness
But she enjoys it
Being alone...

There are a few
Like her, like me
That come to terms with their
Dark Destinies...

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Monday, August 15, 2005

Maiden of Life
She wanders restlessly;
Over hills and past dark trees
Casts a spell o'er you with ease
Hypnotizes; Captivates

Can your human eyes see
The bridge she creates?
Nay, too selfish from thine greed
Your Memories Erased...

Waves her wand and she walks on
Protector of the weak
Brings your loved ones back, she does
From nightmares so to speak.

Fear no more
Scream no more
She, your angel is near;

tHe mAiDen

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~Crimson Cries XXVI
My name... is not your concern. But you may call me Crimson. Witchcraft is one of my favorite things, as you can see from the pentagram... I shall write poems for you that go with your username if you like...

.:These Stains of Dark Crimson Taint My Very Soul...:.

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