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What's up!! Okay lets see, I've been on otaku for like 4 months. i'm pretty picky on what i eat. and i HATE and i mean HATE it when people delete their guest book signings out of my GB so please PLEASE don't. I'm a huge fan of naruto and fullmetal alchemitst...they rock!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Wednesday, July 20, 2005

   I'M BACK!!!!!!!
yaaaaaeeeehhhh i'm back!!!! for 12 days i've been learning how to wakeboad at a camp in idaho, called Camp Mivoden, in hayden lake! it was so kewl!! i learned a 180!!! almost did a 360 (ended up doing a face plant * ouch*)lol, rotfl( rolling on the floor laffing) my face still hurts T.T welll neways it was a 12 hour drive here and back( talk about boring) well i got home safe and gave some of my soviners to my family, evchanged my e-mail with friends and so forth in fact i'm chatting with 1 of them as i type. well it's good to be back *sigh*
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