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Thursday, August 23, 2007

Lets see. I haven't posted in forever and I've only got about 30 minutes left in class. So I'll sum it all up for you.

-I moved out of my house last friday. Where did I move to? To Lance's house. lol. Why did I move out? My brother and I got into a fight the other week and it end with me getting a black eye, and threats of restraining orders on him. Oh, did I mention that my brother wanted to slit mine and Lance's throats in our sleep??? Yup, that's what he said he wanted to do. I gathered all my clothing, nick-nacks, and my cat and took off to Lance's house.

-My parents (mainly my mom) has cut off my credit card, all of MY money in MY bank account, and my cell phone. So I'm basically broke, and without communications. I think my mom is trying to cut off all my resources so that I have no choice but to come home. But I'm not gonna come back home.

-Today, Lance, his dad and mine, and myself have to have a "sit down" about all the things that have happened, and all the things involved with me basically living on my own (health and car insurance, etc. etc)

-The weekend I moved out, Lance and I did nothing but get drunk all weekend. I never felt so much freedom in my life. Knowing that I could stay out all night if I wanted to, without the nagging mom calling me all the time wanting to know who and where I am.

Well I guess that's all for now. I gonna try to get some work done on my report, so yeah.


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