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hi. my name is Miley. I am NOT miley cyrus (but i wish i was). this is a site for Hannah Montana and Miley Cyrus fans. I will try to update as much as i can. i will tell you as much about miley as i can. if you guys know other stuff you can comment and tell. i will visit everyone that signs my guestbook and i will sign yours. if you add me as a friend i will add you. you guys can pm me anytime. bye for now.

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Okay guys big news, Miley has changed her name to Miley Ray Cyrus. She is no longer Destiny Hope. What do you guys think about the name change? Okay now here is the quiz.
1.Who did Miley first audition for in Hannah Montana?
2.What Disney Channel show did Miley guest star on?
3.What famous band guest starred on Hannah Montana?
4.Name the five main actors or actresses that star in Hannah Montana(not including Miley).
5.Who was the guest star on Hannah Montana who used to be in a boy band?
6. What song did Hannah Montana and guest star(question five)dance to at the end of the episode?
7.What town and state is Miley from?
8.What Disney Channel movie did Miley appear in?9.What charater does Miley play on Hannah Montana?
10.What three songs did Miley sing on New Years Rockin Eve?
11.What song did Miley sing on Walt Disney Worlds Christmas Day Parade?
12.Who was Miley's song I Miss You about?
13.What magazine did someone turn a article into a fake article about Miley being pregnant?
14.What city and state does Hannah Montana film in?
15.Who does everyone say Miley is dating?
16.Name the characters that the five main actors or actresses play on Hannah Montana(not including Miley).
17.What season of Hannah Montana just ended?
18.What happened to Miley Stewart's mom on hannah Montana?
19.Who does Dooly Parton guest star as on Hannah Montana?
20.What is the Hannah Montana theme song?
Bonas: In an episode of Hannah Montana what does Miley accuse Lilly's boyfriend of doing? (Hint: not the episode where Lilly gets stood up.)
I will post the answers to this quiz in about two weeks. That means I won't be posting during that time. I will check my site every day so feel free to pm me. If you are going to the Hannah and Miley concert/movie, enjoy it. Also, if you have any questions about Miley or anything to do with Miley you can pm me and ask me. To answer the quiz comment and tell what we think is the right answer in your comment. Please don't cheat on the quiz. Talk to you later.

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Saturday, January 26, 2008

Hey everyone, I am going to tell you about Miley now. Destiny Hope Cyrus was born on November 23,1992. Her parents are Billy Ray and Tish Cyrus. Her hometown is Franklin,TN. I think you all know how Destiny got her name but I am going to tell you anyway. Billy Ray had a dream before Destiny was born. His dream told him that they should name her Destiny Hope, so they did. Destiny was all smiles when she was little so Billy Ray started calling her Smiley. As she got older they dropped the s and sterted calling her Miley. When she became famous she stuck with her nickname Miley. Now Miley and her family live in L.A. so she can film Hannah Montana. Miley has two cds as Hannah Montana and one cd as Miley. She also has a song on one of her dad's cds. Miley has been blessed with such an awesome voice. She is a good role model for all girls.
I wanted to say more but I don't have time.
In my next post I will have a quiz to find out how much you guys really know about Miley.
(If I misspelled anything in this post please forgive me. My internet really isn't working right now so I don't have time to check my spelling.)

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Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Okay guys, i know i said i was going to tell you a little about Miley but i have to tell you this. Miley was at a sleepover with her friends and someone had a camera phone. Well her and one of her friends were being silly and had a piece of candy in their mouths. It was kind of like the lady and the tramp kind of thing. Well some one took a picture of it and sold it to the public. People are taking it the wrong way. She is a teenager, she's young, and she was having fun. All of us do crazy stuff at sleepovers. It was not what people are thinking. Give the poor girl a break. Everyone knows it didn't mean anything but they are making a big deal about it because she is a star and they want to bring her down. What do you guys think? In my next post i will tell you about Miley. See you then.
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