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Hey ya'll. Okay, I changed my profile because I dont' know how to speak french and my name is Flame. I am a Fairy and Princess of Fairyland. I am making a story and everything. I am changing this site to all fairies. If you have any fairy questions please ask. I love to answer questions about Fairyland. Like where it is or something. Well, good-bye.

Thursday, July 13, 2006

Okay hi. I am hate Fma and Hamtaro know. I dont' know why I just do. I like Fairys. I will make a Fairy's name but before I do I will use this site as a fairy's site. Well, bye.
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Monday, June 12, 2006

   Somemore stuff!!

Cursor BY Evince.4t.com

Hope you like all of those!! Now so more stuff!!
Well, the other stuff is taking a long time to load and my mom wants me to get off so!! I hope you like all my stuff I will get on later and add some more!!
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Theme Songs

South Park (i got this for my friends)

Scooby Doo

DragonBall Z (got this one for me)

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Born To Be Wild

Hotel California

Natinal Anthem

Hope you like the songs as much as I do!!

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I got the dolls you are about to see from evince.4t.com!! They are soo cute!!

Hope you like them all that is all but I didnt want the floating head so!!!
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Sunday, June 11, 2006

   Seven to Seven
I read a book called Seven to Seven it is manga and the girl did something and it split her into 7 people! They each like the same guy but one is fast, one is like "sexy" as she calls her self, one is shy, one is the normal one, one is smart, one is in a bad attitude, and the last one i forgot!! That is like me and we (all 7 of me) have a different name!! The one that calls her self "sexy" is named Stella, the smart one is Jennie, the fast/active one is Mylie, the one with the bad attitude is Hilary, me of corse (i will say my real name) Jessica, the shy one is Sue, and the one I can't remember is Mi!! OMGOSH THE ONE WHO I COULDN'T REMEMBER IS A CRYBABY!!! I remember!! ^^ Well, all seven of us have to go!! Bye bye
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I just fell off the chair!! Sorry, you should visit an old name I made, my world!! It says all about my home planet!! Weeeeeee ^_^! I am watching my new (and only) FMA DVD!! Ed just got hit with a wrench!!
Bijou: Don't yell please!! *crys*
Riza: *fires gun shots* EVERY ONE LISTEN TO RETASU!!!
me: My other name!! I don't tell my real name on these things only my personal friends like Mrs. Elirc knows my real name!! Do do do do do do do do!! Sry I am hyper I am going to go sign gb so they will sign mine!!

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   Boredness Sucks!!!!!!
I am sooooo bored and tired!!! I woke up early for nothing and my mom won't let me go back to bed!!! I am soooo bored like I said!!!!! My eyes are popping out of my head!! I hope you join my ham-ham club and visit my winx name I will still get on this and my winx name everyday!! Well, I have to go make my new name bye!!!
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