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Hmm, I thought possibly its time to add an introduction to my site, but what to say? Well I like computers, I want to be a computer/network technician or admin when im older so im studying that at uni now, doing Computer Systems and Networking. I built my first PC a few months ago now, all shiny and lights :-) heh heh. What else do I like? coffee, anime, console games, PC games, drawing, reading. Yeah thats a lot of stuff. Well thats about it for now. Damn i must be boring, i couldnt even fill my 1500 characters lol.

Monday, March 26, 2007

New picture
Hi all ^_^

Its been a while (again!) im still alive lol. Yes its been coursework time again, got it all done now, at least all I have to do before Easter. Now just some tests to do, yay...

Anyways, Ive posted some new art so plase go take a look see ^_^

take care all

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Saturday, March 3, 2007

   Wanna do something fun?
Go out and buy a hula hoop from a toy shop, the brighter the better, then walk back through the town with it. Watch the looks on peoples faces, its fun beleive me!
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Sunday, February 25, 2007

Hey all!
Well ive been away for a bit havnt I? Well not much to say really, just been doing coursework *yawn*. Anyways ive done some drawing but havnt had chance to scan it just yet but hopefully will do soon!

Going into Uni today to do some more coursework, hopefully we'll get the majority of it done today then we just have to do the presentation, well wish me luck ^_^

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