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Saturday, November 26, 2005

Saturday, yea! For veda i'll tell the story tommorrow because i'm going to my great grandma's house so i'm really in a hurry. And for my friends who updated their site and I didn't comment then, my computer is messing up and I got to fix it other my stepdad will get mad. But if my grandma's house has wi-fi i'll try with my PSP. So, later for now.,yo. Later....MUCH!!!!
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Friday, November 25, 2005

   Pee Pee!!
Bow before Pee Pee! BOW!!!!BOW!!!DAMN YOU!!! BOW!!!!!

adopt your own virtual pet!

,yo. Later....MUCH!!!!

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Hey I have a story if people want to hear it. It funny for guys and sad and sweet for girls. It is what happened to me this week. If you want to hear it then comment this post. I'll only post it if people want to. Since this happened to me I just went crazy when it happened.,yo. Later....MUCH!!!!
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It seems that kirara can't fight without Sango around, so...that means Red XIII from Final Fantasy VII WINS!!Ok now its your turn, choose one fighter, one music video, or one movie.(Choose the fighter, then choose either music or movie.),yo. Later....MUCH!!!!
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Thursday, November 24, 2005

   The Boondocks
Anchor:And on our talking points this evening, it seems like the hip-hop community is trading in their gold chains for gold showers. Hip-hop singer R. Kelly is on trial again this week for sharing some of his liquid bling with yet another under aged girl. Some advice for Mr. Kelly. Next time, use a golden shower curtain and keep your golden showers to yourself.
Grandad:Whats wrong with a man giving away a golden shower? Sounds like a nice gift to me.
Riley:Hee Hee!
Grandad:What? Shoot, I wish somebody gave me a gold shower.
Riley:Hee Hee Hee!
Grandad:One,I like gold. Two, I like showers.
Riley:HA HA HA!
Grandad:Put it together, hey thst sounds like the life. Hooo.
Riley:Hee Hee. If your good, Santa Claus might give you a golden shower for Christmas. Hee Hee.
Grandad:Christmas? My man Santa!
Anchor: and controversial R&B superstar R. Kelly will be heading into court tommorrow for the first day of his latest highly anticipated trial of child porngraphy and lewd acts with a local minor.
Riley:Grandad, can you take us into the city tommorrow to watch the R. Kelly trial?
Grandad:Hell, no, But you can walk.
Riley:It's 40 miles.
Grandad:All the money I spend on them damn nikes. You better just do it.
Anchor:Assistant district attorney Tomas Dubois is leading the prosecution of Kelly and his mountain of evidence against the famous R&B performer, including a videotape allegedly showing Kelly urinating on a 14-year old girl, which is widely available for download at...
Riley:I'm gonna go uhh..check my e-amil. Yeah.
(Riley tiptoes away from the t.v.)
Grandad:Get your little short ass back here.

Happy thanksgiving.,yo. Later....MUCH!!!!

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Tuesday, November 22, 2005

   Music or Movies, What to choose?
The "WHO WILL WIN?" fights are doing good, so now I'm going to try something new. Now you can choose the fighter, music, or movies. And since my friend Goku the Saiyan is doing family guy quotes i'm going to try it to from a show called "THE BOONDOCKS". This is a really funny show but the problem posting the quotes is that they say the ni**er word a lot. I'm sorry if some of you will think its racise but if you look past it, its really funny. But if you guys tell me to stop, I'll stop.,yo. Later....MUCH!!!!
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Monday, November 21, 2005

   Are last match was between "Hellsing's Alucard" vs. "Witch Hunter Robin's Robin". The match ended with a amazing....tie. Vampire vs. Witch looks like the lose to each other. Now time for another match. Who to pick...who to pick.. how about.... "Final Fantasy VII's Red XIII" vs. "Inuyasha's Kirara". Who is the bigger cat between these 2 fighters. "WHO WILL WIN?".,yo. Later....MUCH!!!!
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Sunday, November 20, 2005

   They are back!!
Finally season 2 of my favorite shows. Samurai Champloo and Ghost in the Shell: 2nd Gig. If anyone saw the shows yesterday, you have to emit it was so cool. During Champloo you discover more about Mugen's past, and GITS: 2nd Gig Section 9 is back with new characters and a new cooler looking Major. I have been waiting for 2nd Gig and thought I was going to miss it and I didn't so i'm happy about that. P.S. got the stuff from roof with my cousin until he threw it back on after I said something. Idiot, it took me days to get that stuff, and now I have to go do it again. Well, It gives me something to think about during the Thanksgiving Holidays.,yo. Later....MUCH!!!!
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Friday, November 18, 2005

   You must see it
For anyone who has not see the Harry Potter movie MUST SEE IT!!! That movie is so fucking COOL!!! The action is awsome. If you hate Harry Potter this movie will make you want to watch the movie over and over again. P.S. nothing happened at school, we get the stuff tommorrow finally. I will inform you tommorrow when we finally get our stuff back.,yo. Later....MUCH!!!!
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Thursday, November 17, 2005

   Safe for now
We didn't do anything today, so we're kind of safe for now. We now know whats up there so now we have a plan. One of my group members knocked out a camera. It looked really cool just hanging there.And one of you asked if the teachers can get it. Here's a story. When of the high schoolers threw the stuff, chris went to a teacher and asked for help. When the teacher went to the kids who threw it she was laughing with them. So, we can't go to a teacher if they are with the enemy, and the teacher was a vice principal. I will inform you tommorrow on our mission to get our stuff back. Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire comes out tommorrow, going to see it at midnight.

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