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Monday, March 6, 2006

   3 days
O.K. I have to do this fast. Saturday, spent the day at my cousin's house and jumped on the moon bounce. Friends went to movies without my.(BITCH!!) Sunday, went back to cousin's house then went to see movie I missed. UltraViolet is confusing!!!! Monday, passing all classes Science teacher saids we are going to watch "Ghost in the Shell: SAC" tommorrow (let him borrow it and he now loves the show!!) After school hung around with Agent M and friends, Found out that MTV will be coming to our school for a week!!! Came home done homework and that's it. Silverstein will be the next video after Green Day leaves. So, whats up with ya'll?!! ,yo. Later....MUCH!!!!
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Saturday, March 4, 2006

   Saturday and Friday
Yestarday was pretty cool. School was o.k. After school wsa cool. Me and my friends were playing around (without the frisbee) and Agent M and a ninja sword she bought for Video Tech and she was trying to do all these Ninja moves (she can't) and said she was an "enemy". We were asking her why she was an enemy, and she said she was one of those japensese cartoons. Then we yelled at her, "IT'S ANIME!!!" She loves to read Hellsing and she doesn't know what anime is called!!! Well the party was cool too. We played Gamecube and the band played music. Technically, we didn't because when ThisGuy called his family to listen to us play, I kept on stopping and thinking why did Dark Knight Ian stop playing then ThisGuy and Ian started yelling, " WHY DID YOU STOP?!!!" "BECAUSE IAN STOPPED PLAYING!!" "I DIDN'T STOP!!! YOU DID!!!" We started arguing and ThisGuy's family left and we decided that it wsn't any of our faults, it was the guys playing the gamecube, the volume was to loud. After that me and some of my other friedns started to jump in the trampoline. Then ThisGuy's sisters started throw shrimp at us. Then Jeff fell of, hit a swing set then hit the ground. We helped him up after we stopped laughing. Started telling Chuck Norris jokes (for example, "Did you know, Chuck Norris can win a game of Connect Four in only three moves?!! and he can win a game of Solitare with only 18 cards?!!!
Saturday. Woke up and started to clean the house because there was nothing to do. Later, i'm going to the mall because MTV is comig to town to record something for M.A.D.E. After that go see Ultraviolet and watch a Ghost in the Shell: MARATHON!! Nothing but the 2 movies and the first and part of 2nd season of Stand Alone complex with my cousin who came into town. Thats my day for now until something turns up. So what's up with ya'll?!,yo. Later....MUCH!!!!

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   Green Day
You guys voted and here it is. Green Day: Basket Case!!!

,yo. Later....MUCH!!!!
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Friday, March 3, 2006

At ThisGuy's house for a praty, will post tommorrow!!,yo. Later....MUCH!!!!
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Wednesday, March 1, 2006

Today at school was preety cool, a little bit at least. Have to write a play in theater arts, French we just ate food that my friend made,(he can really cook!!)then lunch was really fun. A stupid teacher took my CHAIR/FRISBEE!!!*yells* YOU BASTARD!!! I saw Agent M with her friends making a video for video tech. She got to pie her classmate. He was covered in Whipped-cream!!Then he was chasing all of us and tripped Agent M,(She gots a cut on her side now) Then two of my friends who were skipping out sprayed me with silly string and whipped-cream. It got stuck in my hair and it was hard to wash off. Agent M and her classmates went to the restroom to help pie-face but went to the boys restroom. They got in trouble. Then I got to hang out with my friend (Lets call her MCR, her favorite band) she just got switch from her other math class to mine.(Something about threating to kill the teacher or something.) And left school early and just practicing my guitar. I finally know how to play "Wake me up when September ends" and "Boulevard of Broken Dreams". I got the blisters to prove it too. Well the video that is being picked is, Jesus of Suburbia and Basket Case. I just might play both. Then will be Silverstein!!! Well, what have ya'll been up too?Image hosting by TinyPic,yo. Later....MUCH!!!!
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Tuesday, February 28, 2006

To me one of the (THE!!!) GREATEST BAND EVER!!! I JUST SAW THEIR NEW VIDEO "Discovering the Waterfront" I meet them in person and saw them live!!! I got some much of their stuf in my room it's not even funny. Oh, why i'm posting this if I find the code for their new video i'm putting it up.Image hosting by TinyPic
Silverstein,yo. Later....MUCH!!!!

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Today, nothing much. You know, just your average everyday thing. Fights at school, Kids with drugs, 2 kids dying last week, average things. Found out that on springbreak me and my friends are going to concerts all week.SWEET!!! Playing with the frisbee/chair got kind of boring but after school got really fun. Bought Agent M her favorite band concert DVD,(Had to pre-order the damn thing, "TYPE O NEGATIVE!!") While I was in French my teacher explained how Lent got started, (40 days without doing or eating your favorite things) and she said it started with a bet. A bet. I GAVE UP DRINKING SODA FOR F-ING 40 DAYS BECAUSE OF A F-ING BET?!!! I HAVE TO HAVE MY FIX MAN!!! I'm starting to see things! Well anyway, everytime I look at the Bloodhound Gang poll it keeps changing from yes then no. So, now you choose. I haven't done Green Day yet, so here you go then. FOR NEXT TIME!!! The video stays up. And yes I did miss spell "Suburbia"!!,yo. Later....MUCH!!!!
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Monday, February 27, 2006

O.k, one more day because Now the thing says it's equal. This will tell me if the video will stay on longer.,yo. Later....MUCH!!!!
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Went to school and Played Frisbee with a chair!!! Got hit in the chest with the chair, and my friend jeff threw my other frisbee on the roof( It said "Drugs make me fly!!) And I have to do homework for French on Mardi Gras. So take care. 3 out of five said yes. 2 said no. Do you know what that means? THE VIDEO STAYS ON!!!,yo. Later....MUCH!!!!
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Sunday, February 26, 2006

New Video
Ok. This week is Bloodhound Gang!! But the only thing is I don't know if I should leave it on or not so ya'll decide. I check at the end of the day if I should take it off or not

,yo. Later....MUCH!!!!

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